Sunday, July 30, 2006


OMG!!! i damn bz wth assignment . . . . . No time to sleep and rest. haihz


ooh yah guyz do leave comment on the above billboard ads. We are marketing it to Japan. . .

U guyz think it can sell in Japan????

Monday, July 24, 2006


So ccb~lah. Take me so long to load this page. . . . .

Now I no mood to blog dy.

Currently listening: Chemistry~Back Together Again

Saturday, July 22, 2006

7 7 49

Presenting birthday galz wth her present. "CUCUMBER". . . Evil grinz. muhahaha

Three trio FIR . . . . Fei, I don't know, Rendah. muhaha . (they sure kill me after saw this)

Me and Lesly. OMG!! This pic look so gayz.

Me and birthday galz, HP . . . . (act cute siot) hahahaha

I had Unagi rice. OK OK ny. not much sauce tim.

Lesly makan spagetti and as for Hui Peng and Ven Ping, they makan Siew Gai Yek

~That all for the Neway Birthday celebration~

Friday, July 21, 2006


OMG . . . .

OMG . . . .

OMG . . . .

I saw a scorpion just now when coming out from the toilet after taking a pee. That "thing" was roaming around the toilet area.

So many weird insects and bugs roaming around hostel.


LLLI ( =_= ) LLLI

I'm damn buzy for this few week. (that include this week and next week and the week after)Assignments, presentation, mid term. OMG . . . .

How I wish is just a dream ONLY. So that I can faster snap out from this dream all those worries (assignment, presentation and mid term) will disappear. . . .


Maybe I could ask superman to help me demolish the college . . Then I don't have to sit for mid term or pass up assignment dy. evil grin ( I learn form Gan yan Sek Kin geh)

hehehe ---------> dream too much jor

pic of the dayz: Lamb, chicken, donkey, chicken and old mac donald itself.

Old mac donald had a farm yiya yiya ooo~

Wednesday, July 19, 2006



Well today when to National Library for discussion wth group members.

On the wayz there already sesak for few times. . . . Silap pusing entah pergi mana . . .

When reached NL dy already wasted 1 hours.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

many assignmnt = no time for movie

Hmmm . . . . .

I noticed that nowadayz all my entry short short de. . Some lagi worst just fews wordz ny.

za dao . . . hahahaha

You guyz have to forgive me cause I'm damn bz wth assignments. So damn many assignment to do until I no time to shit and pee. (oklah I'm exeggerating . . . hehe)


I long time never go cinema jor . . . so outdated tim

The last movie I watch is "Over the Hedge"

So lama rite . . . . . =_="

Ok first thing to do after all those assignment, I wanna watch all those movies that sedang fatt mou at home. hehe


Then I had this weird dream yesterday nite. . . . .

Very very weird . . . .

But ok lah. I like the dream. hehe. y???

Cause I get to meet celebrities. muhahahaha

Friday, July 14, 2006


Presenting my new baby . . .

Samsung SGH-X660. Super light . . .

Thanks dad for de handphone. hehehe.

Now I can save money to buy otherz stuff liao.

Friday, July 07, 2006


So basically this few dayz been goin out regularly until i gonna pk jor~
Tues go shopping for Hui peng present lor with lesly. Then when PJ to meet up wth mel to get back my advertising textbook. She bring me to this mamak at SS2 there for dinner. (I forget jor wat name tim). . The food is good but very mahal lor.
Then on wed nite me, lesly, michelle (lesly gf) and hui peng went to Hong Lok pasar malam. Good!!! can eat sai mie lou tim. hahaha.
Wait a minutes, I sick geh but I also mm diu tim and go order mango sai mie lou.
Somemore hui peng ada belanja me makan pan mee tim. She said belanja me geh cause I help her find photo for International adv assignment.
Soon afterward, I cough non-stop tim. Terpaksa go 7-eleven buy cough syrup.
haihz . .dai sei rite

Monday, July 03, 2006

phew ~ ~

Today's pic: my last year birthday present frm may. "purple teddybear"

One of our member no come for today presentation tim. Called her but she no pick up de phone.

hmmm. . . . . .

Anyway de presentation when on wthout her. . . Starting got bit kelam kabut geh but heck we can handle it geh. ^ ^

After few minutes later . . .

Phew . . . . at least it went well.

Let me see tomorrow schedule sin . . . . .

morning go class - 1 1/2 class ny. so sienz tim have to wake up damn early lor.

noon go shopping bah for HP birthday presents.

evening bout 6 meet neko to get my adv text book and she said bring me go PJ there eat. . .

nitez go back hostel on9 and lepaking.

Currently listening: 杨丞琳~暧昧

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Toyota Prius ads

vrooom . . . . vroom . . . . .

Nice tatoo . . . . .

Nice advertisements from Toyota. I personally like this 1st pics. ^^
Nice color + Nice image + Good idea = Great ads

france + portugal + finish assignment = a brand new me

Yesterday was chattin wth steven . . .

I told him France will definately win de in brazil vs France match. He said no . . .no . . Brazil will win.

haha . . . mark my word steven . . Brazil sure lose.

So when I wake up today, I terus go on9 and check live score . . . Boyz i'm I happy. . . France beat Brazil 1-0. hahaha.

I know France can knock out Brazil de. Since they did it b4 in 1998 world cup so it shouldn't be a prob for them. ^ ^

As for Portugal vs England. Sori to said I support Portugal geh. hehehe

Seem like both team I support also win de. haha

Next round Portugal vs France. Pening lor . . . Don't know support who.

By de wayz I finally finish my assignment lor. Now wanna go binding. . . . . Finally after few dayz stuggling wth it, I managed to finish it. hooray for me.

But then, I fall sick jor . . . . haihz

But I'm loooking forward for next week lor so many activites to do . . .

Saturday, July 01, 2006

assignment + body aching = no go class

hmmm . . . yesterday didnt sleep quite well.

Wake up tat time my body aching like hell.

I'm going skip class today hav to faster go back hostel to finish up my assignment.

Stil got like 30% .