Monday, February 06, 2012

Cherating Getaway 2011

Another outdate post again....
This time is my Cherating getaway with my college mate during last year Dec.
Beach is much more cleaner compared to PD.
The chalet that we are staying is so-so only. Since this is a budget trip hence can't complain much. hahahahaha.

But if i can spend more $$$, definately I will go for Club Med instead. ;p

The trip is more like a relaxing cum makan trip.
Apart from those, we also when for Firefly cruise.
We also paln to visit the turtle scantuary, but too bad it was close due to public holiday.
No change to see those cute baby turtle jor. ;p

Taking about the Firefly Cruise, the hotel staff actually recon us to go for Hafiz.
Is just 5 mins walk from our chalet.
We gather at Hafiz's office cum house @ 8 pm plus.
Before we depart, he brief us on the do and don't,  fireflies and their ecosystem.
Luckily not a long lecture. If not ar sure die of boredom.
After half a hours, our cruise begin. U get to see those fireflies blinking here and there
like Christmas tree. Totally awesome.

Food wise not so much choice to choose from. Mostly Malay, Western  and seafood.
Can't find any Chinese food around.
In term of their service is super duper slowpoke especially the first restaurant that we when for dinner during the first nite. Almost mati kelaparan jor. T.T
Overall the food that we had during the whole trip is just so-so only. Not special to brag about.