Sunday, November 27, 2011

Me and my skull tatoo

Check out my skull tatoo!!!!
woot woot
So in LOVE with it. hahaha

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fair and Radiant Photo Contest

Johnson's Body Care is currently running an FB contest called 

To join is quite easy.

All you have to do I just fill up your particulars, and don't forget to attach your picture and the scanned receipt of any Johnson's® Body Care Naturally White Daily UV Lotion or Powder.

If you are not sure how the lotion look like, don't worry

check out the pic below:

You must be wondering what the carrot for joining the contest right?

Well I can tell you that the prizes are very attractive . . .

1st Prize get to win an Aster Spring facial and body treatment voucher worth of RM 2,000.

WOW!!! Sound tempting to join? ;p

Not only that, the winner will also will received RM1,500 Topshop shopping voucher and
1 Johnson's Body Care hamper.

Double WOW!!!

P/S: the top voted girl get to win a Johnson's Body Care hamper worth of RM 100 .

By the way the contest is open for gals only.

Sighz, there goes my changes to win the Topshop voucher. :-(


Before the contest end on 30 Nov 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Our first destination after landed in Narita Airport is Hakone. Me and my colleagues are being transported to this beautful place for our lunch and sightseeing.

Oops, I know I'm not writing in sequence. But who cares, I wanna blog about my Nikko trip first.  :p .

Okie back to Hakone . . .divided between Mount Fuji and Izu Pennisula, Hakone is one of the most popular inland tourist resorts in Japan. It is accessable from Tokyo via JR & Odakyu line. Not to forget Express bus too.

Not sure how much it cost. Since I'm following tour bus hence I don't have to worries about transportation to Hakone. hehehe

It took us about 1 hours and 30 mins to reach Hakone.
View from the bus. Autumn is coming. 
Lake Ashi

Anyone wanna ride with me?

Lunch . . . .

The first thing we do in Hakone is makan (Eating time)

Lunch was nice, we had sakana (Fish), soba, rice and some other veg and fried stuffs together with plum wine.

Well the plum wine have this medicine taste. not really like it.

After eating is camwhore timing. . .hahaha

Self cleaning. MEOW~

Maple leaf changing colors

Autumn is the only season we can see tree is various colors.

Boat ride in Lake Ashi

After sightseeing and snapping photos around Lake Ashi, we are given a choice to either A) go to Gotemba for shopping or B) Owakudani a place where you can get a clear view of Mount Fuji on a clear days. It is also an active volcanic zone where sulfurous fumes, hot springs and hot rivers are also part of the ecosystem.

Well I choose the first option. TBC . . . .

Journey to Gotemba

The nature walk in Odashirogahara Plateau (Nikko)

Finally I'm back from Japan. LOVE it very much. 
Can't wait to go back again and again. lolz
Since this is a company trip, most of the place we are going I already been before. Except Ikebukuro and Tokyo Disneyland.

Hence, I decided to extended 2 more days in Tokyo and explore Kamakura and Nikko.

And there mark my journey to Nikko . . . . 

The train ride from Asakusa station to Tobu-Nikko

I decided to buy the All Nikko Pass so that I can explore all the tourist attraction in Nikko. 

I brought the ticket at Tobu sightseeing service center in Asakusa and it cost me about 4,400 yen and valid for 4 days.  

The pass included unlimited train ride from Asakusa to Tobu-Nikko and also unlimited bus ride to Yumoto-Onsen and Chuzenji-Onzen.

Took me about 2 hours to reach Tobu-Nikko.

In front of Tobu Nikko Station

When I step out from the station, I can feel the cold breeze.
Is super cold . . . . 

Most probably is approaching Winter soon.

Oh well nothing can stop me from explore Nikko. lolz

The hue of Autumn. Nice!!!!

You can see green, yellow, orange and red everywhere.

Bus Stop No 37 Akanuma
My first stop is at Akanuma. The way to Odashirogahara Plateau. 

The entrance to Odashirogahara Plateau
When you walk deeper and deeper into Odashirogahara Plateau, you will be mesmerise with the beauty of the plateau.

I will let the picture do the talking. . . :p

Yutaki Fall

The beautiful landscape of Odashirogahara Plateau 
The lone range

I'm amaze with the scenery

The RED maple leave with Mt Nantai as background
Maple leave here and there
The way to Chuzenjiko

So after exploring Odashirogahara plateau. My next stop is Chuzenjiko.

The fallen maple leave
The yellow leave

Didn't managed to explore much around Chuzenjiko, as is getting dark soon. 5 pm already as dark as 7 and 8pm in Malaysia. Sighz, didn't get to go to Kegon Waterfall, Ryuzu Waterfall, Shinkyo Bridge and all the Shrines in Nikko. 

Maybe I didn't research much before going to Nikko. Moreover, I got carry away with the scenery in Senjogahara plateau and spend quite sometime taking photos hence this affect my plan on visiting some other attraction in Nikko. T.T

1 day trip is definitely not enough for me. :p How I wish to extend my stay in Nikko but to bad need to catch the last train back to Minami Senju as I'll be flying back to Malaysia the following day. 

Really wish can go back to Nikko very soon. Wanna snap more nice pics. ;p

p/s: Remember to pee first before decided to conquer Odashirogahara Plateau because there is no toilet in between. :p