Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Me vs contact lens

I always have this phobia called EYEBALLTOUCHINGPHOBIA.
It always give me a goosebumps every time seeing a person putting on the contact lenses. The feeling of someone hand inserting something in the eye really scared me off.

That why all this while I never use contact lenses.

 I'm more like a specky guy. :p

But hor, I think I don't look good wearing spec. Therefore I tend to take off my glasses when taking photos.

Hum,Everytime do that also not a good solution cause once I took off my glasses my vision become very the blur. sighz. If only i got money to do laser. hahahaha

Anyway the cheapest ways now to look good without glasses is to wear a pair of cons. Hence in order for me to do that, I need to overcome my fear.   :P

So now I need to get myself a pair of cons first.

Luckily Acuvue is currently having this free trial thingy. wakakaka (evil grin)

To redeem yourself an Acuvue lenses Click Here

Is kinda easy actually, all you have to do is just fill up your details and submit.

Don't forget to specified which  Eye Care Professionals location that you would like to collect the lenses and  choose either the daily disposable or a bi-weekly lenses.

Once register, you will received an sms containing a short code.

Just go the Eye Care Professionals that you had register and redeem the lenses.
(oops, need to fill in form again. This is when you need to jot down the sms code)

Of course I also don't want to miss out this opportunities to redeem some trial lenses for testing.

3 x pairs of the daily disposable Acuvue Moist. Redeem it from Focus Point near my housing area.

I wanna try it out in this couple of weeks time. :p

Hope the process of putting on  and removing the cons is not that hard. Finger cross!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tattoo, Wohoo!!!

I always wanted to have a tattoo.
But then right I'm afraid of the pain . . . I heard people fainted during the process of tattoo~ing.
Some more what happen if I already tattoo and after few years later I decided to remove it. Sure very troublesome and more pain again. hahahaha

Humm, I still want to have a tattoo . . .

Then one day when I was reading some blogger posting, I stumble across this website

Is a temporary tattoo store . . .

1 tattoo cost about $5 (set of 2) and if international shipping you need to add an additional $2.

Well I think is still affordable lah.


No need to worried about pain jor. hahaha.

So I faster go order lor. KAISU mah. ;p

I wait and wait and wait

After few weeks, my parcel arrived safe and sound. phew~

They even give me one extra tattoo (the skull) for FOC
LOVE their service.
:) :)

Of course I also can wait to try it on.

Application also quite simple.

1. Remove the clear top sheet
2.Press the tattoo with design facing down and wet it thoroughly.
3. Use a wet cloth against the back of tattoo and after 30 mins peel off the paper backing.
4. Then rinse the tattoo with water

Check out the end result . . . .

Too bad the tattoo can only last for a week.

Of course depending on how u take care of it. I bet if you don't bath or scratch the tattoo definitely it  can last longer. ;p