Monday, October 25, 2010

random post again

after MIA for super long time I back again.

Quick update of self in the month of October:-
1. Jobless. Well not really jobless lah just waiting for the new job to start in Nov. hahaha
During my last day, my colleagues give me a box containing Japanese snacks. So sweet of them. ;p
And I even need to do alot of those celebrities pose tim. arghhh . . . . . . But we had lots of fun.

2. Just celebrated my 28th birthday. woohoo I'm older already. T.T

(Thanks Vernon, lesly and cp cor the present and cake)
Not to forget also my colleagues for the duit angpao, family members and friends for the wishes.

3. Meet when an accident while on the way to pickup a friend in Klang for gathering on my birthday. How unlucky can my birthday be. Lucky no one was injuries. phew~ But then my friend really "dai chut huit" cause have to pay for saman and also to repair her car.

4. Got myself some sex toys gadgets. Fujifilm instant camera and ipod 4.
wohoo. ;p
5. Join back gym again. Now with the new job it would be easier for me to go to gym. wakakaka.
Aiming for zac efron arm and nickhun chocolate abs. ;p
But then hor . . . I'm super broke now. T.T