Saturday, March 27, 2010

Super Junior Super Show 2

20 March 2010 is indeed a night to remember.
wakakakaka . . .
Cause is Super Junior Super Show 2 concert.
If I'm not mistaken it was their first concert in M'sia.
And I get to attend it thanks to MPRN.
Since I only get 2 free tickets, I get Les to tag along cause he is
the only who suggest to get it from MO in the first place.
We managed to reach just before 7pm.
However the rock pitt A (The place we are getting) already pack with people.
But luckily is still bearable.
The show suppose to start at 7pm but as usual lah which artist is on time geh.
Opening act was by two local artists (chinese boy group and one malay artist) BUT
it does not interest me at all. All I wanna see is Suju only. . ;p
We have to wait till 8pm before Suju appeared on stage.
In between we got crowd doing the "WAVE" and screaming for Suju. . .
The opening video is very yeng .
When everyone is focusing on the big screen, Suju member starting to appear at every direction of the stage.
Since we are quite close to the stage, we can see Suju quite clearly.

They perform sorry sorry, it's you, don't don, u,what if and some other songs from their album.
The crowds when wild . . . espically those mui mui zai
Then we have Suju member singing individually
Kyuhyun singing a chinese song( 原諒我)
Ryeowook singing Insomia
Si woon singing Who am I
and other i can' t remember their name . . ;p

Super Junior M also make their apperance.
One thing I must admit, Suju really dance very well.

My leg is aching after standing for about 2 hour plus.
But is worth it.
"No pain No gain" right.
The concert really worth seeing~
I wish they will come back again to perform. ;p

p/s: Thanks to super junior and my lollipop phone, I become a fan of Kpop.