Sunday, December 27, 2009

Topman Pants

Check out the new pant from topman.
Super yao yeng.


Sweat pants with loose upper fit and skinny lower leg fit with chunky zip details/draw cord waist. 100% Cotton. Machine washable.


Wish can own a pair of it.
But if i wear like this sure kena nag from my mom. lolz

Guilin Part 1

Wew. . . Just back from my 6 day 5 nite trip to Guilin last week.
Spent about RM 400 plus for the whole trip. hahahaha
Basically all the expenses (accomadation, flight ticket, food and tour) had been paid or shall i said sponsored.
My friend got it during lucky draw Q&A in some functions and I was invited to tag along.

Our tour consist about 30 person (including me and my friend)

Day 1
Arrive at guilin about 11 am. The weather is freezing cold. about 4 - 10°c. Our first stop is to have lunch then followed by tour to Elephant Trunk Hill and Fubo Hill.
Then we check in to our hotel. I was so damn tired and sleep till nearly late for dinner. Luckily me and friend not the last one to board the bus if not sure paiseh.

Day 2
We headed for long sheng to experience the native (chinese ethnic minorities) cultures. First we visited the Jin Che Rice Terrace. Had alway been wanted to see how those rice terrace look like. Finally i got chance to see it. ;p

Then we had house warming at one of the Zhang Tribe house. We even had our lunch there.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Penang getaway Part 1

Friday - 27/11/2009

Was in Penang with friends during Hari Raya Qurban.
Suppose to be 5 person but one of them last minutes FFK us.
Anyway the journey to Penang was quite smooth. We even stopped by Foh San restaurant in Ipoh for tim sum.
Friend said is quite famous in Ipoh.

When we arrive, the place is packed with people.
But lucky we manage to get a place.
The dim sum was okie.
I would rate it : 5.5/10

After dim sum, we continue our journey to north.
reach Penang about 9.45 am.
First Stop Bukit Bendara.
The journey up to Bukit Bendera is really unpleasant.
The trem is packed with people and it took us freaking long hour to reach the top.
What to do, who ask us to come here during holiday.
Well, at least the view on top is very beautiful. phew~

But when we need to go down again.
speechless again.

Next, we headed to Kek Lok Si, Air Itam.
Based on the food research we did before hand, here lied the famous asam laksa at Pasar Air Itam.
Just a walking distance from Kek Lok Si.
The asam laksa was very nice. yummy~
Rating : 7/10
Enviroment wise not really that hygienic.
But what the heck, I don't mind as long as the food was good. ;p

Soon after, we headed up to Kek Lok Si.
Quite sometime didn't set my foot here.
The last time I was in Kek Lok Si was during my secondary day. ;p
We just lepaking awhile snapping photos and then headed back to hotel.

To be continue . . . . .

P/s: The way back to KL on sunday was kanasai.
Damn jam. . . . .Even when we depart at 3.00pm, it took us about 8 freaking to reach KL.
WTF. . . .
Maybe because it was sunday and everyone need to rush back to KL to work the following day. Moreover, it was raining cat and dog.

Really a crappy journey home.