Sunday, November 22, 2009

M-IFW 2009

Took me eons to blog about M-IFW 09.
Kinda no mood to blog actually.
Well I managed to attend M-IFW with a friend last month thanks to the invitation from media owner.
Really appreciate her helps for getting me the invitation.
This year the event was held in Pavilion.
Check out the propz. . .
As usual it was a full house. I could even see people sitting on the staircase.

Those dress are beautifully tailored and the models are gorgeous.

I even saw my friend Vernice on the opposite direction. (The media sitting)
Well she did told me she will be going that day because her BF is one of the model doing catwalk
in the morning. But never thought can see her during the afternoon show as well. hahaha

Vernice's BF parading some of the designer cloths.
I can see from a far Vernice happily snapping his BF pics everytime he is on stage.

Model of the Year, Ikhwan
Got this piece of information from vernice blog.
Check out his killer abs.
Hum, I wonder how long I need to train in order to obtain those washboard abs.
Lastly, hope next year I can still attend M-IFW.
Dear Santa, if you are reading this please grant my wish yah.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

New laptop

Finally got my baby jor. lolz
After waited for 6 month they finally delivered the laptop to me.
super happy.
FYI, I got it from lucky draw. hahahaha

Presenting my one and only

Aspire Timeline

So slim and light. Just 13.3".
Holy cow~ The battery can even last approximately 8 hours.
hahaha. That mean I can watch porn do my work without worring that the battery goes K.O.

The keyborad also very stylish. ^^

Friday, November 06, 2009


Sad. . . Y can't Malaysia Topman also have the same service wor.

Click here to read . . .

M-IFW 09

Finally I got the invitation card to M-IFW this sunday.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Alexis ~Burstday celebration

Finally got time to post my birthday celebration at Alexis.
All thanks to my new laptop. Wakakaka.
Got it from lucky draw. ;p
Shall post it next time.

We start off ordering cocktail. . .
Lesly ordered Cosmopolitan. He heard from his boss that it is nice wor so he mah order it.

But in the end all of us don't like it.
Not really my cup of tea. . .

I ordered Mango Daiquiri.

Mango + achohol. . .
I think is the best among all the cocktail that we ordered.

Our CP on the other hand choose Absolut Alexis.
Combination of all the citrus.
Very sour.
Cp even commented that the mai siong not very appealing.

Dessert we had Tiramisu. . .

and Pavlova

Both also very nice. Espically Pavlova.
As for main dish, we ordered chic escalope. . .
The chicken meat is very tender.
Can't wait to try it again next time. wakakaka
We also have club sandwich. . .

Not bad. . . . a must try too.

We even ordered fries cause I feel like eating fries. ;p

Caeser Salad as starter.

Super thin crust prawn pizza. . .

Total we spend about RM 247.25 for the lunch.
Rating : 8/10
Definately will back here again for more.