Sunday, August 30, 2009

1U gathering part 2 - Honeymoon

After bowling and shopping,we decided to go for honeymoon at Honeymoon.
My friend said that the desserts there is very nice.

He got to know about this particular shop from blog.

Check out the environment there.

One of my friend commented that the background is suitable for people to take convo pictures.


I ordered Tong Yun (black sesame feeling) with Adzuki red bean.

Not bad. . . especially the tong yun.

I think they got put chen pei (orange skin) inside.

Durian Pancake. . .

RM 9 for 2 pieces

very very sedap.

After tasting the durian one, we ordered the mango version.

Quite nice but was not as good as the durian one.

I even tahpao the durian pancake tim. ;p

My friends ordered water chestnuts with black sago (upper left), Honeydew sago (upper right), black sago sesame cream (lower right) and colorful crystal (lower left).

Not sure iszit nice anot but judging from they comment it should be nice. ;p

Overall rating: 7/10

p/s: The sago really look like frog eggs. hahaha

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sushi Zenmai again

So after the movies and shopping, me and friend headed to Sushi Zenmai for lunch.
After sick for almost 2 weeks. Finally I can eat sushi jor. ;p

Honey corn ice cream. yummy~

Yukimi Daifuku -Bin pei ice cream.
Taste not bad. ;p


This tamago sushi is so-so only.

Don't know call wat. But very nice. hahaha

Potato Mayo. Nice.

Lobster cheese. My favourite.

I ordered Sakura Chirasi Don. .

Friend ordered Salmon don. . .

Total : RM 81.20 (including 5% GST and 10% Service Tax)

Overall Rating: 6.5 /10


Besides Avatar footage, Terry also give me 2 premiere Ticket for Orphan last tuesday.
But too bad I too sick to go.

Avatar – 3D footage

I was invited by Terry to watch the Avatar 3D (new movie coming soon this Dec) footage at Midvalley yesterday.
Since he got me two passes, I drag one of my friend to tag along.
We get to watch the 15 mins footage of the movies and official trailer in 3D mode.
P/S: my first 3D virgin experinces. hahaha

The movies was awesome. Too bad is only 15 mins.
I can't wait to catch it live in DECEMBER.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nearly hit jackpot. . WTF

Crap just miss 3 number. haihz
better luck next time.

Nearly hit jackpot. . WTF

Crap just miss 3 number. haihz
better luck next time.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


sienz dou.
Sick for few days jor.
But luckily after some medication from doc and some good rest.
I'm feeling much more better now.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

random post 16

Durian Haven

Few week back Museum Telekom got some local fruit feast.
The only thing that attract me is their "Eat all you can durian for RM 15".
but too bad didn't managed to try it because was working.

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Sunday, August 02, 2009


Bro just brought a cake from PJ Hilton.
He said it cost about RM 26.
Hum. . . Must be some promotion or what.

Let take a peep inside the box

OMG. . . . I feel like eating it now.

Just hope the cake can sustain my happy mood till next friday.


What a boring sunday.
Don't feel like going out at all.
Since nothing to do beside playing facebook games and reading blog, I tend to become hungry easily.
Hence I decided to eat one of the tidbit that I brought Isetan.

p/s: yesterday already ate the fish shape biscuit from meiji. very very nice. . .

Japanese people are very creative. haha

See their packaging so nice.

Milk flavour.
nice ^^

not forget to camwhore tim. hahaha

Saturday, August 01, 2009

random post 14

Brought some tidbits from Isetan, Lot 10 after gym.

Super cute right the packaging.

Pucca = RM 2.30
Pretz = RM 5.90
Rilakkuma = RM 2.90

Somemore the pretz can transform tim just like transformer.

kawaii desu~