Friday, July 31, 2009


I was late for meeting with client today because of pc fair.
all the parking at klcc and nearby also full.
end up have to park at pavilion and walk to client office.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chinoz on the park

Meet up with Mr V and Ms R last yesterday.
I been quite sometime since I saw Mr V.
I think the last time i saw him was last year during our sing k session.
Wait or was it like 2 years back.
So we meet up at KLCC and when lunch at Chinoz.
(we force her to decide one. wakakaka)

p/s: Alway wanted to try dining at Chinoz geh but now finally got the chance. ;p

I ordered mango fizz (mango + soda water). Taste hai hao.
Ms R ordered Honey dew juice
Mr V ordered . . . hum
don't know what liao.
But we think his drink is very cute. wakakaka
Starter. . . Potato Wedge with salsa sauce.
Very nice.

Main Course

I ordered Chicken breast. . .
The chicken meat is quite tender. The sauce was okie only.
and I very like the mash potato. . very cheesy.

Ms R order Pasta.
Well not sure what this dish called.
But all I know it got Salmon only.

Mr V order spagetti cabonara.
The white sauce is very nice.
slurph. . . .
Overall food rating: 5.5/10

Lastly the birthday mini donut for Ms R.
Well her birthday is next week though.
But we decided to celebrate it earlier.
I bet she didn't expected it.

my craving

yummy. . . .

Saturday, July 25, 2009


WTF okie, i can't log in to msn this few day due to the above problem.
I wonder anyone know how to fix this.
Now I try to uninstall and install again.
Hope this can solve the problem. cross my finger.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Phuket food part 3

Apart from foodcourt, we also dine in at one of the Thai Restaurant in Jungceylon.
haihz. Too bad i forget to bring my camera that day.
So end up using my K810i to snap those pics.

Thai tea. Look more like teh ais but taste like tapioca.
Not really like it.

Green curry. definately not my favourite. . .
I still prefer the normal curry. ;p

Papaya salad. Taste not bad. Kinda like it.

Omelete with crab meat.
Normal only.

Pineapple fried rice . . . Not really gao for hao.

The rice so special. Come with different type of grains and serve in a pyramid shape.
Then we also had Kangkung and pork with veg.
Normal only.
Total it cost us about 140 baht. 1400 baht about RM140
Rating: 3/10

Monday, July 20, 2009

Phuket Food part 2

Apart from eating fastfoods and insects, We did try out some Thai food at the food court in Jungceylon.

So many food to choose from.
Damn headache wat to eat tim.

Check out the display. Those are real food okiez.
At least foreigner like us know how those foods look like.
Sometimes photos can be deceiving.

Can really recall what this dish called tim.
haihz next time gonna jot down those detail jor.

Sea Food petai. Damn spicy.
Taste okiez.

Dessert. . . Don't know call what name jor.
Make from santan kelapa.
Not really my cup of tea. Too sweet jor.

MOF @ Pavilion

When out with Ms R last last saturday.
Wanna pass her some sovenior (brought from phuket) and magazine.
We meet up at pavilion and had our lunch at Ichiban Boshi.
(Gonna blog about it later)
After lunch and some window shopping, I suggested that we go makan ice cream at MOF.
So we just walk in and grab a sit and start browsing at the menu.

Miss R ordered Black sesame.

She said nice wor.
But for me i think okie only lah. hahaha.
Maybe I'm not the type of person who fancy black sesame.

So that WHY . . . . I rather choose fruity flavour ice creams.
But sienz dou don't know which flavour to try tim.
This also want to try that also want to try but in the end I settle down with the Watermelon flavor.

The vanilla ice cream is very very smooth and nice.
yummy . . . . .
Eat till both of us also very full jor.

Learning Japanese

Hum. . . I think is about time for me to relearned my Japanese.
I want to be like Iker can speak Japanese Fluently.
Hence, Last Sat I decided to go Kinokuniya after gym to buy some Japanese book to read.

Hum. . . this two books cost me about RM 100 plus.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Red Devils

I been seeing alot of red devil supporters today wherever i goes.
I saw them in Pavilion
I saw them in KLCC
I even saw them in KTM and LRT.
The best part is they come in different color; Red, blue or white.

random post 102

Fuk the computer IE and window messenger is giving me prob.
Can't even signed in window messenger or launch de stupid IE.
Have to install mozilla jor and download de new live messenger.

Friday, July 17, 2009

random post 101

haihz damn lazy to blog again.
Somemore bro comp like sudah kena virus tim.
and the comp that I'm using right now is kinda slow.
Super turnoff wei.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Just watch Harry Potter yesterday.
Thanks to Terry for the premier screening.

The movie is okie only just that some part of it is totally different from the book.
(As expected. . . . )

Just that a bit disappointed on the last part of the movie.

Rating: 4.5/10

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tiring day

Damn tired and stressful day.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Insect for Dinner

The first thing that come to me and my friend mind when we go phuket is to try the Thai special food.


After searching high and low for 3 days at patong beach we can't find anyone selling this special delicacy.
We decided to called it a quit.
Damn dissapointed I tell you.
(But actually in my heart I'm quite happy lah cause no need it those geli thing. ;p)

So mana tahu on my last day at Phuket town when we go tah pao our dinner, We managed to stumple upon this seller selling those creepy crawler.

The seller fry those creepy crawlers with onion and curry leave.
and he put lots lots of pepper.

Many right. ;p Cost about 20 baht. (RM2)
I wonder how they taste. . . . . .

Back at the hotel I was quite reluctant to try geh
(yes I chicken out)
but after much persuation from my friend, I decided to give it a try.

Worm No 1

Look very gross.
Not really like it. Cause taste quite weird.


Still okie the taste. I eat about 3 - 4 grasshopper that day.

Worm No 2

Worm No.2 taste much more better compared to Worm No 1.
Quite crunchy actually cause is just their other skin only.
I think if with their slimmy body fluid sure taste very geli one.

Lastly my favourite.

Mr Frog

Mr. Frog. wakakaka
Taste like fish. Quite yummy.

Too bad we only brought two.
If you are wondering what happen to his head.

haha. Is in my stomach. ;p

Happy eating. wakakaka


My company suddenly become so famous jor.
Masuk TV tim.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Fast Food @ PHUKET

I know I know !!
I should be eating Thai delicacy instead of Fast Food.
But I can't resist THEM.

Those fast foods seem like calling me out to try them leh.

KFC Grilled Chicken burger. Taste not bad actually.
Cost about 98 baht.
Their packaging is very nice compare to ours.

Next is my favourite. . . .MCD
I had it for breakfast, Lunch and supper.

1. Choco pie. Nice

2. Mc Breakfast Set (Ham de burger)

4. Spinach pie. Super nice. ^^
But super hard to get. I try going to same and other nearby MCD the next day to satified my craving for spinach pie but seem all sold out. sienz dou.

5. Corn pie. Nice
How come Thailand got so many pie flavours geh. My friend told me last time he when to bangkok they even have Taro pie.

6. Samurai Burger (non-halal) - Nice Nice
1 set of samurai burger meal cost about 140 baht (Patong beach)
If you are in town u can get it bout 120 baht

P/S: By the way MCD cost more at Patong Beach as compared to Phuket Town.
For example : Corn pie cost 49 baht at Patong Beach but in only 20 something baht at Phuket Town.

Beside KFC and MCD, I even had subway tim. wakakaka
The sub of the day is way damn cheaper then Malaysia.
Cost about 57 Baht.