Saturday, February 28, 2009



Sunday, February 22, 2009


As usual, Mon to Fri work, work and work.
Nothing so special also.

Sat suppose to watch the Astro TVB awards thingy yah at Genting but then when we reach on top (genting) The ticket all finish redeem. Purposely go naik bukit baru tahu the ticket totally finish jor. Like WTF. . . . . Paling worst is that when we wanna take bus to Terminal Putra LRT, all tickets sold out. KNNCCB.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Super delay post from last week. gomenasai.

So basically last sunday when dinner wth cp and Lesly at IZZI.
We heard about IZZI from blog so we mah decided to check out the place.
Location: located at Sg Wang just across the road from mc d and Giodarno.

(top to down: strawberry milkshake, ice peach tea)

(top to down: Spaghetti bolognese, chicken steak with pasta)

(top to down: fettucinni con fungi, izzi doughball)

Marinara Pizza
Food was not bad and price is affortable too.
Personally prefer the fettucinni con fungi. yummy~~
Well the pizza also not bad too. ;p
Rating time: 8/10
I feel like going back again to eat.

Vday, Movies & Concert

Happy belated V'day.
Single ppl like me sure is so damn free geh on that day.
of course lah cause mou toh pak mah. hahaha ;p

Noon when for a movie with Friend. We watched Eden Lake.
Damn gross I tell u.
BLOOD here and there. Especially the scene where the blood keep on oozing out from de deep cut wound.

Evening meet up with my colleagues and we headed for the One FM concert at Sg Wang.
We got VIP seating zone. ^^
Thanks to Bern.
Concert was nice, got to see celebrities damn close up and with out standing and "pik" with other ppls.

Lastly need to thanks a friend of mine for sending me v card.

Shopping Spread

Brought a t-shirt from Zara yesterday.
So good when they are having further reduction.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

CNY Luncheon @ Eest

CNY Luncheon
Location: Eest at Westin Hotel

Food was mah mah only. I find the fried rice abit tasteless.
Rating: 5/10
Really need to thanks The Star for this luncheon.
End of the dinner we got lucky draw. But as usual sure go back empty handed.
Should almost empty handed. lolz. Luckily each of us still got angpao RM10 Jusco voucher.

Monday, February 02, 2009


Remember the post that I wrote this morning regarding the stolen Honda City.
Here de pics of the cars.

Chor 4: 1 day trip to Kampar

De sad part is I didnt get to go to the ancient temple to bai bai and snap some photos.

Saturday 31/1/2009

Last sat when to meet up wth Henry for a movie in KLCC.
We watched Red cliff 2.
Normally i'm not a fanz of those war and fighting movie but this one is kinda different cause is about Three Kingdom.
Being expose to the Three Kingdom story wayz back when I'm small kids.
Well, the movie not bad lah. I quite amaze with the special effect. lolz
Before I forget, Thanks dude for the lunch at Madam Kwan. ;p

Then I got dinner gathering at The Apartment with my college friendz Rachel, Sharon and Hp.
Their menu quite special printed on the graph paper. Enviroment was nice too but food was normal only nothing special.
Me and Sharon ordered cooler, Hp ordered ice cappacino, Rachel oedered Coffee.
Baked Fish - was okie but the vege abit bitter.
Sharon ordered Chicken dont know wat. Hahaha.
That the problem when you don't keep the receipt. ;p
Hp- Roast duck
Rachel -Salmon with udon mee. Again can't recall the name.

After makan, we lepak awhile there chit chatting and taking photos.
Since we didn't meet each other for quite some things sure got lotz of thing to 8. wakakaka
We left about 8 something.

Golden Bull


Still in holiday mood. haihz.
2mrrw hav to back office jor.
Hope I can stop the time right now.


I just got an sms in the morning yesterday from a colleague of mine.
Her bro's car black color city Y06 version WPN 8231 kena rampas yesterday morning at Kepong. There is a team city serial no. TC-324 pasted at the top of the rear screen.
If anyone saw the car kindly please contact 012-3303266 (Louis).