Tuesday, December 30, 2008


From left to right (New spec, New Icon for Him, Kubrick)

Monday, December 29, 2008

BZ BZ weeks

Such a bz week last weeks.
Cousin wedding, meeting up with friendz and an unforgetable christmas day. WTF!!!!
black christmas . . . . . .

Anyway I okie already.
Specialz thanks JLHY for the kubrick, pen ngion fu, 1 dollar note and cheering me up when i was down.

By de way got my self a new spec.
cause I forget where I put my old spec jor.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

series of unfortune events

Damn, this year really is a bad years for me.
I really need to bai bai tim.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vampire Knight

Kinda addicted to this anime at de moment. wakaka
and not to forget naruto and bleach too. ~

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Window Shopping

Yesterday kinda me and frienz kinda wu liao also.
We go sg wang ---> lot 10 ---> Pavilion ---> KLCC ---> Midvalley
u said siao me siao just for the purpose to look for topman cloths. wakakaka
wat to do they are having sales!!!!!
Too bad dont have any cloths really make me got the urge to buy. sighz

The only thing I brought is this tag. super yeng. hahaha

When we pass by pavilion, we saw some angels dancing around. lolz

Not to forget also the The dell winter globe in front of the pavilion.
nice. ^^
So many raindeer. i wonder which 1 is rudolph. wakakaka
Hum, sadly pavilion de christmas tree is not that nice.

Chirstmas party

Location: Office
Theme: 70's

Party was okie.
Was buzy taking photos till food also didnt eat much. wakakaka
I got cadbury chocoloates as present. ^^
Thanks secret santa.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ole Ole Bali

We celebrated cp birthday at Ole Ole Bali, Sunway.
Food was not bad. Quite big portion too.
As usual eat till very de full.
Enviroment not bad also.
I like the Buddha drawing hanging on the wall. Super Nice. I hope I can have one too. ;p

Happy Pre Burstday CP

Birthday Cake from Berry Passion. ^^

See how happy de birthday galz. ;P

She got not only 1 cake but 3 (green team, hazelnut and opera). wakakaka

E! Entertainment Cocktail Party

Then then then Friday I attended the E! Entertainment Cocktail Party at Zeta Bar, KL Hilton with my colleauges.

Food was not bad actually. hahaha

Well, the saddest part is that I didn't get anything from de lucky draw.


Tues nothing special actually for the first 8 hours. Just work and work only. sienz dou. . . .
I'm only looking fotward after 6pm only. hahaha. Cause I be attending the special screening of The Day The Earth Stood Still at Mid Valley. All thanks to Terry.
I ask my friendz to go wth me de but they ar too bz. =="
End up I go wth my bro.
Since after work go sure very de hungry geh. I suggested to my bro that we go midvalley for dinner.
After think and think and think, I just told him that we just eat Sushi Zenmai @ The Garden.
(From top left to bottom: Kani Mayo, Kakiage Don, Takka MK, Aji Shiitake, Sakura Chirashi Don)
This is my second time here.
Quite nice the food. yummy. . . . .
Somemore eat dou very full tim. ;p

After finish our meal I go get the ticket from Mr Terry. wakaka

Well the movie not bad actually. ^^
Talking about alien, save mother nature and stuff. I think I should not disclore much here. wanna know more go and watch it bah. ;p

Monday, December 08, 2008

Yuen Steamboat @ Subang

Lat sat when outing with diploma friendz.
when for Bolt.
Well the movie still okiez lah.
Rhino the hamster is quite funny. wakakaka

After the movie, when makan at Yuen Steamboat.
eat till I very de full tim.
The chicken wings damn laku.
Less then one minutes after the chicken wings being serve all gone.
Some even beratur waiting for the wings.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Seafood mee @ You Ai

Yesterday when makan wth colleague at Segambut. They said there got really nice Seafood mee.
I ordered small Tom yam mai fen mee.
Well, to tell you the truth, it is really nice.
Especially the tom yam guao for hau.

Price wise about RM15 plus. quite pricy thought maybe because they put many seafood inside guao.

Beside tomyam, they got ching tong and curry as base also.

Astro 2009 Chinese Entertaiment Screening

I guess even one in my office especially the galz are looking forward for thu.
Wait . . . . . what so speical on thu.

wakakakaka is Astro 2009 Chinese Entertaiment Screening and that mean there are TVB artistes attending the event. Bosco is one of the guest appearing in the event.

Don't Panic @ Quattro Winter Bar

So after attending the luncheon in the afternoon, at nite and my head and another head attended the Don't Panic event at Quattro- Winter Bar @ Avenu K.

According to the Brouchure that I received:

The temp for the main room is +10 degree
Snowing room -5 degree

Well beside winter, they got spring, summer and autumn too.
Man, really 4 season.

wakaka . . . .

Nice artwork. really really like it. ^^

Best part is that lots in Winter Bar there is a small which is wayz damn freezing cold with sofa made from ice.

Overall, I quite enjoy the event. Don't Panic really done a great job to showcasing and promoting local arts.

Do also visit their website: Don't Panic

p/s: I definately will come back again to Quattro again cause i wanna visit spring, summer and autumn too. ;p

8TV & NTV 7 luncheon

Attend TV8 & NTV 7 luncheon at Sime Darby convention Centre on tues.

Did eat much. hahaha. maybe to kenyang jor and bz watching local artistes performing guao.

Guest apperance by Man hand ( I think is spell this well guao), John (Superstar SS 1 winner), Kay (Superstar SS 3 winner) and Shila (OIAM SS 2).