Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Holloween peepz!!!!


SOS . . .
I'm suffering huge major breakout. Somebody plz call the dermalogist.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Of publicholiday and Celine dion

Finally Public holiday.
Public holiday = no need to work = yahoo

Nyway didnt plan to go out today cause damn freaking lazy plus going out mean need to spend. haihz.
Better stay at home and slack. ;p

Speaking of celine dion, dont know why suddenly feel like wan to listen to her song's.
hum . . . .

Some of my favourite Celine Dion songs.
1. Immortality - Celine Dion Feat. The Bee Gees
2. I'm Your Angel (Duet With R. Kelly)
3. It's All Coming Back To Me Now
4. Because You Loved Me
5. All By Myself

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mask and Cake

Brought some masks and eye mask from The Face Shop yesterday.
Heard from my colleague that the mask very effective wor.
hahaha. so mah give it a try lor.
Somemore their packaging also very nice.
How could someone can resist for not buying it. ;p

Mongolia steamboat @ Pudu

Monday, October 20, 2008


Feel like blogging but dont know wat to blog about. humm!!!

I rest my cases. . . .

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Currently reading:-

A walk at Midvalley

When mid valley yesterday cause need to redeem my topman 20% voucher.
But the catch is i need to buy something first. So i mah sui bian buy something so that i can get the voucher lor.
Then friendz go to face shop to buy some cleasing products. Their packaging is very nice. The mask also kinda cheap too.
Spend few hours in Mid V before headed straight back home.
Luckily when i reach home, i still managed to watch the super idol.

Very kawaii puzzle. Wanted to get the pokemon puzzle but is quite expensive. =="
one small pokemon cost about RM100.

Ohh yah not to forget, i eat alot of ice cream too. ;p

Gelato ice cream soursop flavor~ nice.
I will come back to try others flavor as well. ;p
RM6.80 for single scoop.

Blueberry ice-cream from MCD.
humm - normal only.
RM2.05 including tax.

Sake Sushi @ KLCC

Finally i tried sake sushi. wakakakaka
Food was okie. Slightly above average.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Birthday Gifts

They (cp and lesly) brought me a name card holder.
I longing for it quick sometime to put my namecard dy.
ooh yah they also presented me a paul frank bikini. zadao . . . . .
Not to forget, my bos and colleagues also presented me a big angpao. ^^
Thanks peepz.

Bday celebration @ Tony roma's

So after we sing k session at Green Box sg wang, we headed to Tony Roma's at Pavilion for next round. lolz
In the middle we got passby low yatt lah but too lazy to blog about it. wakakaka. ;p

Lesly ordered Hawaii Steak.

I ordered Rosemary Chicken. Okie only. I forget I ordered this before last time when having lunch at Tony Roma's.
When the food come i only realised. really zadao. @@

I had fries and Tomato Pesto ~ NICE

Pek Pek ordered Texas BBQ steak.

The foods here is abit costly. For ours dinner, it cost about RM200.

Friday, October 10, 2008


First of all, happy independence day to TAIWAN.
Then happy birthday to wu Zhun.
Next happy birthday to me.wakakakka

Thanks my friendz who smses, facebook, msn, friendster and personally wishes me.
Also special thanks to my colleagues for giving me angpao
and not to forget the lunch treat by my boss.



Well, today have to shift my work station cause have to made wayz to the newbies who is joining the company next week.
I so gonna miss my old desk.

Hair care products

Just dye my hair last week!!!!!
now ppl called me kam mou tim

Monday, October 06, 2008


Wasai when i finish bathing, i saw this letter laying on my table.
At first I thought royal mail wan hired me tim. Mana tahu is a birthday
card from cousin sis. wakakaka
My earliest b'day present.
Thanks cousin sis

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Location: Mid valley

So after we had our gathering at Sushi Zenmai, we gok hang gok lou. wakakaka
Me and de pig go walk walk around aimlessly.
Nothing to buy also. haihz~
We walk and walk and walk till 4 something then baru decided to have some dessert at ZEN.

Green tea cakes

Mango and passion fruit cake. wakakaka
but de pic look more like egg yolk. ;p

Personally i think the cake still okiez only.
and our friend Pig said that de secret recipe cake taste much more better wor.

Sushi Zenmai

Location : The Garden
Occasion: Animal gathering (Monkey, pig, cat, sotong and sotong bf) & celebrating Mel belated B'day.

Macha - Macha~ Green Tea ice cream. Not bad actually.

Oyako don ~mr pig ordered geh. taste not sure cause didnt try but the dish looked colorful. ;p

kakiage don ~ not bad. hahahaha. I ordered geh.

Chuka idako ~ so kejam okiez the sotong and her bf go makan her tong lui. wakakaka

Fire roll~ really on fire. lolz
This one also ordered by sotong and her bf.

Sashimi Salad~ Ms Kitty ordered.
But the salad really nice. ooshi~

Unadon ~ ordered by ms kitty. I guess no matter where they eat there sure ordered their fish related dish. wakaka.

Unknown sushi ~ taste not bad. ;p

Overall the food is very nice. Will go back again. wakakaka.

P/s: thanks to my colleague for recommending it to us. She told me the food is nice and cheap.