Tuesday, September 30, 2008

California Pizza Kitchen

When to KLCC California Pizza Kitchen yesterday for our farewell lunch with one of our colleague who will be leaving company soon.
We ordered alots and eat till stomach also full.
Too bad can't remember the name of the foods. wakakaka

1. Salad A (dont remember the name) - Kinda like salad yee sang. wakakaka
Taste: ****

2. Ceasar Salad
Taste: *******

3. Spagetti A (dont remember the name)
Taste: *****

4. Spagetti B (dont remember the name)
Taste: ****

5. Spagetti C (dont remember the name) -well i think this is more like chinese style mee.
Taste: *****

6. Pizza A (dont remember the name) -But I think i did heard my friend called it Magarita. humm
Taste: Didn't taste this 1. So no comment. ;p

7. Pizza B Peperoni and cheese.
Taste: *******

8. Pizza C - Abit like malay style cooking with mango topping.
Taste: *****

9. Pizza D - Wild Mushroom ( super nice) ^^
Taste: ********

Last but not least dessert ais krim.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

zettai Kareshi

hahaha. can't resist to upload tim.
Currently watching this drama:

Got to know about this drama from blogging hopping to other ppl blog.
Sound like interesting. Then finally on thu i finally made desicion to buy it, I suggest to my colleague to go sinma to look for the dvd.
But the drama did not disappoint me at all. very very very nice. some of the scene also very damn gam dong.
I like the ending theme (OKAERI) by ayaka. ;p


Shall not be blogging today. wakakaka
wanna finish off my jap drama. ;p

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mr Baoz & Xilin

When pavilion for lunch today.
Saw this new shop called Mr Baoz, a taiwanese shop selling bao. wakakakka.
Didn't even notice it before during my last visit to Pavilion.
Of course new thing sure wan try lah. ;p
brought 4. Cost me about RM 11.50.
Taste wise, not sure cause havent tasted any yet.
But i got pass one for friendz to try. He said ok wor.

The bao available there come in many different color and variety.
The cheapest cost about RM2 and the paling expensive cost about RM 3.80.

As for my lunch, i go makan at Xi lin. The one with the XXL Chicken.
Try the set lunch (half xxl chicken, pei dan, taufu and one mineral water).
Cost me about RM10.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dunhill ads

De Jude Law dunhill ads damn yeng and very classy.
I hope i can be like him.


Guess what i saw when i browsing through books in Kinokuniya yesterday.


I know I know This is not the first time i blog about Nandos but wat the heck . . . . hahahaa
As usual ordered quarter chicken with two sidelines (peri chips & coleslaw) + bottomless soft drink. hahahaha

Then then I ordered another sideline a grilled vegetable. Cost about RM5.
But when the dish arrived, i was like
The portion is too little. Definately doesn't worth RM5.
haihz wat to do.

But overall the chicken, coleslaw and peri chips still the best. ^^

Last week shopping items

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Guess wat happening a day before yesterday!!!!!
My friend told me tat Topman is having discount . . .
but is only for students

haihz, only for student . . . . what about working dut like me????
But is okiez, wakakaka, I be getting my 20% off next month.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fong Lye @The Garden

When to makan at The Garden with ah sau no1 & ah sau no2.
wakakaka. As usual sure don't know where to eat one but luckily got ah sau no1. He pick de place to eat. S othere we when to Fong Lye @ The Garden. A taiwanese restaurant.
Food is good. ^^

Ah Sau no2 ordered this. Don't know call wat liao.

Ah Sau no1 ordered this. Beef noodle.

Me ordered this prawn meat rice. nice~

Ah Sau no1 ordered this. Peanut flavor. Taste just like eating peanut butter jam. Not really my cup of tea.

Ah Sau no2 ordered this.

Passion fruit flavor. I ordered de. wakakakka

dessert ~ dont know call wat. But is made from sweet potatoes.

Lastly, toothpick holder. so cute~


Happy Mooncake Festival


cute little wall.e bag. hahaha


Check out the stalls at LG Midvalley during Mid Autumn Festival. With Flower petal lantern.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


shit shit shit
damn many mosquitoes bite all over my body.
kns. my blood so sweet iszit~

Sunday, September 07, 2008

SE W902

This phone is awesome k!!!!
really can't get my eye off it. damn~

Saturday, September 06, 2008

coffee terrance @ genting

When we (friendz and I) at genting we go makan buffet at Coffee Terrance.
Foods is simply nice espically the Japanese food. I had lotz lotz of sashimi.
Price wise is okie lah RM 50 something plus plus.

last week schedule

Last fri, we had catering at office. wakakaka.
Kinda posh also cause is CEO big day.
Food is okie only. Didn't eat much also cause later when fong kong need to go Time Square to sing k to celebrate one of our colleague birthday + farewell.
We had fun till 12am. Sing till no mood sing dy.
Then the following sat, sun & mon when up to genting for vacation. Brought a shirt from padini concept store as they are having 70% sales. wakakaka.


Finally . . . It weekend.
Time to relax and read magazine. wew~

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Damn de internet is slow. Take like forever to load. @@"
no choice home is using wireless and I'm using dad comp to on9 and the distance from the comp to the wireless modem is like so freaknig far. Hence the signal is not tat good. haihz.
really crap~ All this thanks to the fucking thief who stole my laptop.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Finally I'm back. wakakaka
Will post somethin on weekends. Now too tired to do anythimg.
Somemore feel so sleepy tim.