Sunday, June 29, 2008

diablo 3

Saw some of my friendz msn title mentioning about diablo 3.
this really bring back the sweet old memory.
I'm such an avid fanz of the game. Started playing from the first installation. wakakakaka
Stil remember in Diablo 1, i use to play wth my cousin using dial up.

The song really made me goosebump especially playing at nite.
End of the swwet old dayz.
So I mah go wiki for it.
OMG!!!! It really does exist. When to Blizzard website to check more about it.
such nice graphics. I wonder this time the story about wat.

Really must get my hand on it jor. I sure will glue infront of my laptop just to finsh the game. wakakaka

One U, Ikano

Swimming wth Ah Sau at his place.
The paling funniest thing is tat after we swim, we mah want to back his apartment to mandi geh manatahu as soon we come out from the lift we only realize that we in the wrong block. zadao.

Then wth him and XYZ when to One Utama. But the journey to there so damn long. All thanks to our local transportation. Waited for so long okies.

We lepak, makan at Carl's Jr then buy some stuffz before heading to Ikano.
At first want to walk to Ikano but luckily our savior bus come. wakakakaka.
But in the end also need to walk there cause we miss the stop all then to me. hahaha

Then the fella go watch movie at cineleisure while i go Ikano Popular to read some book.
Plan to back at 8 PM but manathu de free shuttle on will depart at 9. So end up walking at Ikea while waiting for the two to come.

Balik rumah tanam jagung lor. wakakaka

carl's Jr

After plan for so long now finally sudah try carl's Jr. Well de big is kinda big if compared to Mcd or KFC de burger. Somemore is more nicer tim. wakakaka
When we finish our last bite, we are very very full.
Even the fries taste good. ^^

I like the caption too. lolz

Friday, June 27, 2008

men uno

wakakaka. Got this 2 magazine from colleague.


Finally is Fri to the day. lolz
waited for so long okie.
Later might drop by 1u after meeting with client.

Favourite song in playlist: Always be my baby -David Cook

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

of flu and bill

Pay day. yippy.
My colleague told me he is happy when he heard dit dit dit sound.
I was like huh.
He then said de dit dit dit sound is the HR printing the payslip.
really zadao.

I still got flu. . . .

Worst still received my Maxis bill and guess how much de amount is?
Freaking RM 100 ++ all thanks to the gprs services.
Ooh well cant blame anyone cause I'm the one who is using it.

Currently Addicted: Pokemon in facebook. Damn it stil 21 more pokemon to go before I can unlock all 151 pokemon. Got to catch them all. ;p

Currently listening: Hero (Enrique Iglesias) Love this song

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

KLCC,Ikano & Curve part 2

Brought this from Watson. Not nice at all.

Brought this few chocolates from the Japanese Fair at Ikano.
Havent try yet but i think it taste good. wakakaka

KLCC, Ikano & Curve

When so many place yesterday. wakakaka
Go KLCC to buy some stuff then when makan lunch at Kim gary.

Then that ah sau and I (yes i got with the now kurus lesly. wakakaka) go Ikano to wait for my friendz Mel to pick us up to her ahouse. She is teaching us swimming.
So many bikini babes.
Swim till 5 something then we lepak at her house for awhile before headed to Ikano again to makan. So hungry lah. Don't know why.

We when Ikea for food. hahahaha. Never try there before eventhough so many time been there.

Green Salad - I ordered.

I also ordered Princess tart. So wierd name. I would said that the name does match the look.
wakakaka. i think Green tart more sesuai. ;p
Taste wise okie.

Ah Sau ordered Daim- Almondy Tart. Not that sedap lor. I still prefer the "Green tart" (self rename)

Then he had the herb baked salmon. He said not that nice wor.

I had meatball. wakakaka. Nice.

Walao eat till we very full tim. bloated liao.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

tired, stress, bored and fucking day

I rest my case. . . .
I wan to enjoy my weekend now.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

random part 11

ooh crap . . . .
I hate public transport.
so damn lousy. FUK

Monday, June 16, 2008


When IKEA wth family on sun.
brought a dustbin, bedframe and hangable gorm.
Then we when to IKANO, yah brought a pant and a belt from Padini Concept Store. wakaka
so good to have 50% discount. lolz

My friend pass me a chocolate bar yesterday which he get from langkawi. yummy.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Tired weekend.
Slept quite late on friday. About 3 pm. Was chatting my college friend, LSY.
Somemore yesterday wake up at 9 pulak. so totally not enough sleep at all.
That y yesterday around 10 am i feel so damn sleepy jor.
Sienz there goes my weekend.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday biru

So sinful yesterday eat at din wah fan tim till very full.
back home also almost 12.00 am.

Nyway glad that today is weekend. hahaha can relax abit.
Already damn fanz during weekday.
really need some rest.

Today will attend cousin's daughter full moon.

Friday, June 06, 2008

off day

After working for like 1 month plus, I finally take my off day.
Really needed that alot.
feel so good no need to wake up so early.

but off day also mean time to settle all the pending stuffz.
eg: go bank and settle phone bill. =="

I did go cari my ex colleague while at PJ doing my banking stuff.
Then when to KLCC to pay my bill and shop for some magazine. ^^

Sunday, June 01, 2008

ipod shuffle

Sunway pyramid

Today when to sunway pyramid jalan-jalan.
brought some magazines from popular.

I saw this nice pant at G2000, but too bad didnt buy cause this month will use alot money they why I didnt buy. sad
Then when makan at Ajisen ramen.
food was nice. kindly like it.
Anyway when i take out my K810i to snap some food photo, my friend keep on complaining why I need to take photo before eat.
Guess what I reply him, wakakaka


Joker and M'S

Ocha and Ice lemon tea

Kani & corn salad : RM 5.80

My friend ordered Deluxe katsu set : RM13.80

I ordered Aage Katsu set : RM10.80
All this katsu set come with miso soup. but too bad i forget to take pic of it. T.T

Overall eat till I very full.
Next time I wanna come back again to try the ramen.

They do serve sushi and california roll but I do find it kinda expensive.

i would rate this: * * * * * * * *