Sunday, April 27, 2008


after meet up wth friend at pavilion, i got meet up wth les and jc at times square.
so many sok yan i saw yesterday.
I saw stacy, then i saw yen jing and then i saw hp also. wakakaka
Nyway i belanja jc makan ice cream at times square.
i cant remember the shop name lor. but the ice cream really nice.

I makan mix berries and kiwi yogurt. nice ^^

brought 2 cloths from topman yesterday. haihz
wat to do they having midsummer sales.
of course i cant resist lor.

tired and pk again. yesterday when pavilion wth friendz.
this fella i havent meet him in ages liao. wakaka
we when jalan jalan and makan at pavilion.

guess where is this place . . . .

Wong Kok
The interior is like so high class like some posh restaurant.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

dang . . . i think i'm gonna flop today test.

nyway i'm so loving working in new company. can on9, can listen music can msn too.
totally better then last time company. eventhough sometime need to work till quite late but i don't mind at all.
wakakaka. . . .

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

today 2nd day working liao.
kinda lazy to blog also so just made it short bah.
when training for software today.
really kinda confusing and this coming thrus gonna sit for exam also.
really need wish me luck.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

pavilion part 2

after makan we walk walk at pavilion then go sg wang then go low yatt and then to time square and then heading back to sg wang.
i just brought a dom dom for my baby no.2 only.

really walk alot. damn tired lor.
somemore when i balik tat time so so f***ing heavy rain.
when i reach reach kl sentral lrt station my whole body already wet like wet fish.

(baby no.2= ipod shuffle)

Pavilion part 1

yesterday when pavilion wth lesly jalan- jalan and sambil settle my outstanding digi bill.
wakaka. . .
nyway this time i didnt late. ;p
we when makan at the food court at pavilion.
since also dont know wat to eat.
I had food from this korean shop name sam sam.
what a name. . . .
i ordered spicy noodle and korean pancake.
food hai hao lah.
somemore the spicy noodle is the same like those korean istant noodle we can buy from supermarket. =="

Lesly pulak ordered from vietnam kitchen. cant remember the food name but he said it taste so so nia. wakaka

Somemore we also got try John king tarts as well. wakaka
buy 6 free 1.
we brought green tea, coffee, corn and durian tarts annd free one egg white tart. hahaha
the egg white and the durian taste ok but as for the rest not really my cup of tea.
i still prefer the original egg tart. ^^

so tired today.
too lazy to blog.

Friday, April 18, 2008

david cook from american idol definately made me drop my glasses.
he sang always be my baby by mariah carey.
damn good men. totally didnt sound like original. all the judges (randy, paula and simon) commented that he sing really good.
hope u can win.
david archuleta also sing not bad. his vocal is damn geng. hope u can win also. wakakaka

Thursday, April 17, 2008

kenny rodger ~

this one was last mon de when i meet up wth lesly for makan at time square.
we had kenny rodger. really long time no eat there dy.
one thing i like about kenny rodger is the side dishes and muffin . . . haha

when midvalley yesterday wth friend to watch deadly ghost.
damn not nice.

Prince ( 王子)

after movie then we go makan at Prince some hk style restaurant. (something like kim gary and wong kok)
location: situated across the road of boulevard hotel.
food: hai hao lor. the food i order is beef spagetti rice set that come with drink and mushroom soup. about RM12.90 if not mistaken.

kim gary

some of the food pic that me, pei and evil ordered last sat when we makan at kim gary.
tak ingat sangat de name. ;p

ipod shuffle~ wew!!!

today i so dak han cause after interview finish at 10am i got no where to go i somemore cant go back yet cause got lunch appointment wth ex coll at 12.45.
so i decided to lepak for awhile sin. wakakaka
browsing shop by shop. since so dak han.
one of the shop i went is machines. damn i cant believe my eye how come ipod shuffle cost RM189.
diu. . . double confirm wth the promoter and yes he said that de price.
omg . . .of course i cant resist rite but then when i asked for the green color one the promoted told me no more stock dy.
T.T only left metalic baby blue.
no choice lor i mah go take tat 1. malas want to wait for new stock.

p/s: i think im so sohai cause mon tat time when im in klcc i didnt check the prices in machines first and when all the wayz to bukit bintang to look for it. kns.

someone belanja me big apple donut. wakakaka

Monday, April 14, 2008

so so fuck bad luck.
really not fate at all. today thought when klcc sony wing go get the mp3 but the sale guy told me that particular model is kinda only and recommended me to buy another model.
so sad wei. . . T.T
he told me de model already quite old dy.
sad then i thought maybe the best denki might have the model lor mana tahu dont hav also. shit shit shit.
then suddenly got 1 leaflet caught my eye. 1GB ipod shuffle for RM187.
but but but so fucking shit again no more stock. so i mah ask the sale person for the other outlet location.
found out that they have outlet in lot 10 and times square.
so i mah faster rush there to see wether i got lucky anot lor but so sad to sad also dont have. very diu. back home empty handed.
stil left 2 more place midvalley and 1u. but i think sure no hope at all 1

Sunday, April 13, 2008

just watched superstar just now.
well who going be de winner ? i guess most of the ppl already know the answer.
who got lots of money mah can win lor. so simple as that.
money vs talent. lolz
just hope next week de result will be different from what i said.
sienz sienz sienz
--- the end-----

Saturday, April 12, 2008

today when to Agathians Shelter Home with pei.
since he is doing charity there so i mah go see see lor. he is going to teach tuition there.
anywayz the kid is very charm de.
I hate their parents. But fu jak yam at all. . . . if u wan to have kid then u have to take k of them lah. Give birth liao but no take k of them. . .
see their condition also sad de lor.
I just hope those kids can grow up and had a better live.

the we headed to asia jaya lrt to wait for evil. we are going to pc fair at klcc.
damn many ppl lor.
here many there many. haihz walk also hard.
pei want to get a dell laptop but so sad payment by credit card.
so sad he hav to wait for next pc fair.
most probably he will buy wth evil.

after that we when to kim gary at avenue k for dinner.

Friday, April 11, 2008

i had some very weird dream yesterday.
i dreamt that i been attached by few giant centipede.
that was totally gross!!!
nyway in the dream there is other ppl as well (I mean a group of ppl and I'm among them) hahaha.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

omg the new pokemon movie
Pokémon Diamond & Pearl the Movie: Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin
劇場版ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド&パール ギラティナと氷空の花束 シェイミ
according to source from wikipedia, it is schedule to release on July 19 2008. That is like so damn long wei.

nyway, i already saw some of the preview trailer at youtube. really the cool.

shit i got mouth ulser. kns
dont know why today go download those old songz.
but cant denied those song are really good. ^^

enrique iglesias - hero
enrique iglesias - escape
911 - love sensation (really long time never heard their song liao )
cyndi lauper - time after time

yah i also able to find my anime songs as well
the opening of saint seiya hades ova. nices

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

so so tired and sad.
dont want to talk about it.

let talk about yesterday nite.
when to makan wth evil, pei and yik at tong gen (tokyo).
long time didnt eat there dy. so miss the food.

after eat then we when for midnite show at paivilion. reach there around 11.00.
the early movie available are few only nim's island, shutter and dont what baby something.
others all 11.55 or 12.30. so sad wei. pei said sui bian choose and he go and pick nim's island.
at first look at the poster still ok de but when we saw the movie really speechless.
out of our expectation. really not ngam for adults.
and pei keep on laughing from beginning of the movie till the end eventhough there no funny scene there. really geng. the orang sebelah also keep looking at us thinking. i guess they must be wondering we are lunatic or wat. @@

Monday, April 07, 2008

click here for more information

when klcc yesterday wth ah fei.
haha as usual, i'm alwayz late. ==" public transport is suck. . . .
why cant they build lrt that link shah alam to kl.
we went makan at kim gary then watch spiderwick cronicle and then makan dessert at mc d.

lesly ordered fresh lemon honey green tea = rm3.90

as for me, i ordered vitagen ice blended = rm.4.90
so yummy lor. hahaha

norwegian salmon seafood baked rice = rm15.90

prawn seafood baked rice = rm 15.90

overall the food stil hai hao lor.
i would rate it 5.5 / 10

as for shopping, didnt brought anythin lor i just brought m's magzine only. wakaka.

Isetan is having this japanese food fair. i remember seeing those food pictures that ino send me de other dayz. look so delicious. too bad i didnt buy and of it. mayb wed baru decided want to buy anot. hahaha

13 days jobless dy.
sighz. . . this coming wed got one interview.
wish me luck bah.

Friday, April 04, 2008

today when for the career fair in midvalley wth pei, yik and his friends.
just have a look around to see any suitable job that i can apply.
humm but normally the job that those company offered mostly not suitable for me because of the qualifications. sighz.
i just apply for management trainee post only.

so after cruising around for few hours, we decided to leave.
pei, yik and his friend when for a movie but i didnt not follow them.
i when window shopping for a while before balik.
yes . . . . i when to topman. haihz.
thought of just browsing only but then i saw this cheap skinny tie.
of course i cant resist it. hahaha
i end up buy that tie and a wallet.
since my wallet rosak liao so buy 1 as spare first. ;p

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

i so miss uk
i so so miss the food there
i so so so miss the shoppin there espically sales. really can shop till u drop. wakakaka
haha. i'm done wth the saint seiya series. wakakaka
take me about 2 day to finish it.
but too bad the series that i brought is not complete yet stil left few episode.
hum. . . . .