Monday, March 31, 2008

so sienz since now i'm officially jobless, so i decided to buy some show to watch so that i can occupied my free time.
so headache when want to choose wat dvd to buy cause normally i dont watch korean or japanese or even tvb drama unless is super nice. so my choice only left anime.
choose choose and choose finally settle down wth saint saiya dvd.
hahaha. nyway tomorrow i wan start watch liao.;p
sat and sun when back to kampar hometwn for ching ming.
damn tired lor. naik bukit and turun bukit.
will post the photo later on. belum lagi transfer to my laptop yet.

nyway sure lots of ppl must be wondering who is my childhood friend i was mentioning in my msn rite. hahaha. oklah, let me tell u who yah
presenting my childhood friendz. wakakaka
mr teddy bear.

apparently the bear is still in good condition even after 20 years except for the missing nose. i wonder what happen to the nose. hum. . . . .
but grandma also so geng still keep my teddy bear even i so big jor. even she already pass away the bear is still in kampung.

some more ada feature at my cousin blog tim...

somemore my another cousin in msn convesation

KMW said:Oii... your friend, still in Kampar lah... next time you bring it home lah... today what time you reach home ?

Friday, March 28, 2008

u know if u never listen to what yr elderly said in the end the person going to rugi is always yourself.
now i really know. sighz

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

so long my straight hair
and welcome my curly hair. wew!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

today go get my super fugly convo photo.
haihz not nice at all. wat to do the person already not nice take apa also not nice de.
sighz sighz sighz

nyway so after take the photo, me go to sing k wth lesly at neway times square.
u guyz must be thinking we two are so wu liao rite 2 ppl sing k.
wat to do since im jobless now nothing to do at home also so mah go bah.
taking about jobless i be starting my new job this thrus. hope everythin okie.
yah continue back talking about sing k was suppose to sing from 11-1pm de but dont know why no ppl come halau us after 1pm. so weird. so we continue sing till 2.30 only got ppl ask us mai dan. i suspect they give us sing to 3pm lor but we are too tired liao so no choice we chaoz sin. haha.

Monday, March 24, 2008

oouuu oouuu aaarrr aaarrr!!!!

i sure know u guyz dont understand monkey language. let me translate for u then.
wakakaka. . . guess wat i found in andrew drawer.
banana shape chocolate. wakakaka
so delicious. yummy

nyway since he (andrew) already when to the post office i mind as well use his laptop. wakakaka
so when i searching for nice song to listen in 520 music
i found this album by khalil fong. This is his concert 'This love live 2007'. wakakaka.
ooh shit i think i hear some footstep, he coming back dy. nyway gtg. oouuu oouuu aaarrr aaarrr!!!!

currently listening:

klcc part 2

we dined at manhattan fish market.
last time said one to eat there now finally got change liao. hahaha

we had fried mushroom, fish and chip for lesly and mine i cant remember call what tim.

andrew rating: 7 out of 10
part 1 klcc

so i when klcc wth lesly yesterday to watch 10,000 bc

is was okie i guess.

mayb too much expectation guao cause thought got lot of fighting.


nyway went the show end and ppl were walking out from the cinema,

some thing funny happened. . . . .

i dont thing i want write it out here later i scared kena kill by ppl.


so after the movie was nearly pk again. this time is in the escalator.

i mean nearly mean hampir lor but no pk. haha

this time is the kid de shoe stuck at the escalator.

going to klcc made me poorer again cause i go buy clinique product.


Friday, March 21, 2008

makan makan at pavilion part 1

i dont know what this restaurant name cause i cant read chinese. =="
nyway this restaurant is situated on the top floor of pavilion just near wong kok.

The interior look nice too. hahaha
check out the retro lamp.
i wish i can hav one of this in my room too. sighz
makan makan at pavilion part 2

(from top to bottom)
1. pork spice rice . . . i think so lah cant remember the name
2. beef rice . . . this 1 i also cant rember the name also
3. drinks. mango milk and tak ingat nama
4. sushi of course. lolz
5. escargot (i hope i spell it rite)
6. pumpkin salad
7. crab meat rice

well the food is ok ok nia.
if want me to rate i will give 5/10 only
however i like the the mango milk. ^^
so cute to de max. . . .
cant resist myself to buy some of the meiji products. lolz
i like the banana shape chocolate.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

left 1 more day only.

dont know why today so happy. lolz

Sunday, March 16, 2008

chicken little.
cute and fluffy too. ^^

p/s: i draw geh. wakaka. gu me dou leh.

i also set up my own deviantart page tim.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

check out the shoes from topman.
super super nice.
i'm eyeing on this 2 pairs.
so nice rite~
but the problem is i dont think is available in m'sia leh.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

scenario 1

me: thank u for calling {company name} andrew speaking
customer: andrea?
me: = ="


scenario 2
me: thank u for calling {company name} andrew speaking
customer2: who speaking?
me: andrew
customer2: andrian?
me: = ="

omg. since when i got so many name geh

Monday, March 10, 2008

so tired yesterday. phew~
convo really made me super tired somemore the nite b4 was kinda sleep abit late cause watching the election result.
how can i miss wor. . . .
i got participate de leh.

oops i mean i got vote de leh. hahaha

and guess wat!!!
shah alam was won by pas. lolz
and keadilan won de parliment seat. lolz
well the result partially reflected how i vote actually.


Saturday, March 08, 2008

event: election day
the location: last time primary school
y so special: 1st time voting
time: after finish work
voting for: :x
remark: meet last time primary school friendz and her mom stil recognize me tim. geng
seem like im getting rajin. lolz
dont know why i so want to buy book yesterday.
so end up brought this 2 book
well the another one is a comic actually. haha

Monday, March 03, 2008

finally i tasted big apple donut!!!!
yummy ^^
brought it from midvalley. hahaha
since going there for an interview and sun bian pay my digi bill,
i mah go hunt for this well known donut shop.
luckily no much ppl there unlike jco. here no ppl beratur at all. tak banyak orang.

see de donut wth tanduk de. is durian flavour lor. haha
so yeng lah this new se c902.
5 mega pixel cyber shot handphone.
and super slim tim. my favourite.
who wan buy me this new phone? hahaha

Sunday, March 02, 2008

hum. i wanna watch skins (uk teen series)
but no idea where to download tim. haihz
anyway i dont think it will made it to msia tv.
hintz. (sexual content)
hahaha cause we too conservative.
I only watch one of the episode once when i was holidaying at london.

anyone know where to download plz send me de link.
well when to sepang last week and overnite there at friendz hse.
go masak ikan bakar tim. eat till i so full.

those political party are getting so high tech wei!!!!
advertise in internet tim. geng
nyway this coming sat will be my 1 time going to vote.
sienz dont wan to vote for who tim. lolz

somethin wrong wth my bluetooth connection. diu
dont know why cant use my hp connect to my laptop.
now i also dont know is my laptop de bluetooth lah or the hp de bluetooth
cant transfer photo tim
sad lah
have to use cable to do it. T.T