Friday, September 21, 2007


i off to london tomorrow

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

mooncake festival

how come i forget this month is de mooncake festival month
jen hai sei chun
sad sad
cant eat mooncake or play tanglung tim
super saddness


Next stop, we when to southport . . . .

I forget what is this building liao. Either a museum or art gallery lai de.

The sand really move. super cool~
just like in dessert . . . .

Did some reading by Madam Zasha . . . haha 1p only


So finally made it to Crosby.
but is freezing cold and windy and rain too.
damn haihz. but worth it lah de view is so damn nice~

Super nice view. I wish i got a home in crosby.
it must be very nice can see the sea every day. . . .

the iron men statues that guard crosby beach. haha

before we chao, we did leave something behind.
our name. hahaha

Friday, September 14, 2007

friendz hse

vacation part 2

plan is postponed to next week cause frienz going to scotland.
so we just wait her come back then pergi gather gather. hahaha


Humm. . . i thought of getting a "LV" wallet for myself. . . but
is very de expensive. . . haihz

Thursday, September 13, 2007

vacation part 1

hopefully 2mrrw plan on lah
soutport and crosby here i come .......

primark part 2

when to primark again.
but kns betul tak nampak pun de vest which they display in de window.
walk the whole men floor but stil cant find de vest
haihz. no luck at all.
but the vest is very cheap leh. 6 pound.
humm. really no luck at all.

Japanese cracker

Beefore i go back to liverpool, cousin sis gave me two pack of japanese crackers
but too bad, i eat finish jor on my journey back.
de packagig is nice. . .
japanese ppl are so creative


Primark just official open in liverpool today~
humm. dont know consider lucky or unlucky tim.
when me and frienz walk around the town, saw many ppl carrying 1 or 2 3 bag of primark paper begs.
somemore when we reach there, already so many ppl sedang beratur want to go in the Primark building. really really yan shan yan hoi.
i spend bout 30 pound there. darn . . .
brought a formal long sleeve shirt, 1 jean and 2 pair of under and 2 pair of children clothing for my cousin son and daugther.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

birmingham part 2

Me and my cousin angie at birmingham. I forget what this place called liao but i think is the city hall if not mistaken. hahaha

Birmingham part 1

When to birmingham last fri as soon as I check out from Marybone
the train ticket i brought 1 day b4 and it cost me 7 pound plus
but when i go back frm birmingham to liverpool 3 days later, the price so kns
14 pound plus. double de amount tim.

yummy de pie. but kinda big lah. at first i saw the tag it written there 1.20 pound. So i mah order lor cause so dai dou lan.
Then mana tahu when i order that time, the fella told me that it cost around 2.50 pound. hummm
I look back at the tag and saw 1.20 pound is for small geh. really zadao
But end up i also buy it lah cause hungry mah . . . . at least it can substain my growling stomach throughout the journey to birmingham.

scenery from the train window.

and lastly my 2 bag full beg . . .


My earliest birthday present frm lesly.
thankz alot. Thorntons chocolate is always nice to eat geh. hahaha and not to forget happy brthday to evil. 911
yes his birthday is same wth the world trade centre incidentz.

yummylicious chocolates


Im craving for jelly. . . . give me more!!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The earphone i brought at 99p . . .

sunset from my room in marybone . . . .


blogging at cousin place....
but dont know wat to write also
so . . .
to be continue

Friday, September 07, 2007

random post 18

finally i finish my exam jor
hopefully able to maintain my result lah
today will be my last day at marybone
tomorrw hav to move out dy jor.
nyway just shifted the my stuff to frienz hse and will be staying there temporarily
until i'm able to get a job.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


now i know how they made shandy liao. hahaha
lemon + elderflower = shandy

Monday, September 03, 2007

wuliao post 7

my final in 2 more dayz
and super many shopping 2 do
cause need to ship some stuffz back to msia lor.


finally it all over
phew . . . wat a relief~ just hope everythin end well.
current mood: tired . sleepy

Saturday, September 01, 2007

b'day again

happy belated birthday m'sia and also to my bro~