Tuesday, February 27, 2007

la la la post

Im super lazy. currently been lvling my pk on9 character. change job dy. now super yeng voyager. hahahaha

I think my computer got prob today already auto restart two times.
There are two possibility that i can think off. . .
1. mayb kena virus. cause every time onlnie sure pop up saying that a virus had been successful been block frm entering the pc.
2. insufficient memory space. damn de comp left ny 3 gb
super sienz. . . . =="

today my uncle and cousin come. . . . . my cousin bring along his newborn daugther. cute and like to smile. she only 4 month.
so im officially an uncle. hahahaha

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

happy cny~

me and cousin michelle at grandma hse. hahahaha

Sunday, February 18, 2007

lin sam sup man reunion dinner~

yee sang moment. . . . . . toss higher and higher and mix them well. hahaha

foodz that we had at the reunion dinner. ^^V

Friday, February 09, 2007

my hostel friendz

I'm shifting out from hostel this coming sun.
50% me seh dak 50% hou siong fai dit pun tim. . . . hahaha

Location: simon room

far behind: wilber pan
behind: ah yap, pei, me, albert
front: kenji (eating ice cream geh) , simon

may wedding

(elaine, jessie, feily, me, huipeng, me, sotong, jonathan, ah loong (may husband) n may)

I curi from lesly blog geh de pic cause I didnt took ny pic wth my digicam. Very fatt choi bring digicam but no take pic~

currently watching: koda kumi mv ~ yume no uta

back again~

I'm kinda addicted to pokemon laterly till no time to chat or blog~
I KNOW . . I KNOW . . childish mah.
Well at least i play pokemon i can forget "somethin". . .

hmm . . . . now only just obtain the 6th gym badges.
2 more to go then i can fight wth the elite four.

currently playing: pokemon emerald
currently listening: david tao~shanghaied

Last week and this week activities~

morning: sing k at greenbox wth coursemate. . . .
noon: shopping for cny clothes in sg wang
nite: steamboat buffet at hao peng you at somewhere near hong lok. Well at least this time i ate alot compare to last time.

p/s: while waiting for my coursemate to come, i saw hitori kun at border~ hahaha

When photoshooting at titiwangsa.
Suppose to zlk de but hen kinda like no mood so just took a few pics before headed of to tong king to eat.

Lastly, my sohai posing again. hahahaha

Saturday, February 03, 2007


没有爱的 dut 只是可怜的 dut