Tuesday, December 26, 2006


humm . . . . no comment~

Monday, December 25, 2006


Hummm . . . I alwayz wanted to wear a yukata.

reason: damn yeng~

purpose: to attend summer festival (matsuri), firework display (hanabi-taikai) or bon-0dori

hahaha. Wearing a yukata and attending summer festival had alwayz be my dream. .

song to represent my mood now: ootsuka ai~planetarium


Yesterday when to vp hse to bbq~

I eat lot of pudding and sausages. Gau dou ngor hou full tim . . . .

got Christmas presents too. . . hahaha thanks vp, hp, les, gary, cp, sharron n jc.

not to forget the 1 from de exchange gift. . .

thought the bbq party finish early but then we lepak till 12.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry x'mas

wew . . . christmas is coming. hum so far already got 3 present liao. hahahaha
thanks guyz

well christmas i guess i be rotting at hostel bah. hahaha but then christmas eve i be heading to friends' hse to celebrate. We are having bbq there.

de above christmas tree belong to my friendz de. His bf purposely make it for her geh. so so so 24 hau bf. lolz. First glance i thought i buy geh. Mana tahu is handmade de. Me and pei are speechless . . . . . . . our jaws nearly drop tim. hahahahaha.

Last but not least " merry x'mas to u guyz"

p/s: dont forget to drop me some present bah. muhahaha. I wan big big de.

:^ )

Was suppose to upload de photo yesterday but somehow forget dy. So here it is

" Dong zhi kuai le" :^p

my website

Kinda bz wth this website for the past few week and finally is done. phew~
wat a relieve . . . hehe

Here a sneak preview of my page . . . .

I know he don't look like me . . . . . . so wat!!!!! :p

p/s: those bulat bulat thing actually can move de but too bad lah dont know how to upload swf file if not can let u guyz see my website de.

Friday, December 22, 2006

makan tang yuan

yippy today can eat tang yuan. lolz

must eat many bulat bulat. . . . muhahahaha

Thursday, December 21, 2006

sad sad

so sienz tomorrow presentation tim. . . . . .
havent started to list out the point yet. hahaha
well i guess i do it tomorrow bah.
now wanna concentrate pk~

Sunday, December 17, 2006

random post 3

So long no update liao. . . . . sighz

was kinda bz with assignment and thesis for the last past week . . . . . . do until wanna die.

This week can rest abit lah cause need to print report and presentation. Hopefully de thesis so far so good lah. lazy to edit liao.

Stop crapping about my assignment jor lah. talk more lagi sienz. haha


Today eat damn alot.

noon makan at sis party ( eat damn lotz of jelly)

dinner wth lesly at sec2

then makan few pudding and mc d fries

how come eat alot stil so kurus geh . . . . zzzzzzzz


Disember month of pok kai month. . . . . sienz

guna alotz of money lor haihz christmas, ppl birthday and partying all need money de . . .

must hope money start falling from sky soon so that poor people like me wont suffer. lolz

oklah must start dreaming now. hahahaha so tat it will be come reality soon.

p/s: really de wuliao post. :p hahaha