Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I'm fully wet . . . . . =_="

While makan at hostel canteen just now, suddenly it started to rain heavily.

Since my friend got only 1 umbrella and there are 4 of us so no choice.

and now the toilet are all fully occupied, I can't take my bath tim.

ooh yah just now damn gross wei.

When we makan tat time, my friend punya chicken got flies eggs on them. geli betul. . . .

I'm not gonna eat at canteen liao.

mumble 1

so sleepy now . . . . . . . i wanna sleep on my bed but i can't cause i haven't mandi yet.

= ="

I dont like sleeping wth all those wax and spray on my head. . . . . so uncomfortable.

Well today presentation when oklah. luckily . . . . . . .

and some good news too . . . no more tutorial presentaiton liao. hahahaha. good good

no need so stress.

Tat was the good new but de bad new is that I stil got many assignment havent siap tim. kns betul. .. .

= ="

must kah yao jor. last sem liao.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

mc d~ing

I ate mcd for breakfast and lunch yesterday. =_="

but I still lovin it. :P

tomorrow i'm having presentation lor. huh. . . hopefully all turn out well.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

wat i wan

ok here my wish list for christmas. hahaha

ootsuka ai cds plus mv

p/s: santa if u r reading this plz plz grant my wish. ^^ v

flu lu

sad i got flu liao.

flu make me tired and sleepy. . . . .


Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I sick liao . . . . phew~

sore throat, abit of headache and very cold.

Monday, November 20, 2006


I overslept today till miss my 10am class. kns
ooh well guess I slept back again bah no point also going. later kena scold by lec. hahahaha

I just attend the 12 o clock class bah.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Fuk wake up so early tim. When I look at my hp just now it already 5.59am. How come 5 somethin but the surrounding so bright de. I thought already 9am tim and mayb my hp sot jor…… But rupa-rupanya my friend forgets to close the table lamp after finish using my comp. zadao.

Try to sleep back but can’t. Sighz. Keep on tossing and turning around and finally decided to on my comp and listen to some song. At least better then lying around.

Currently Listening: Ootsuka Ai ~ kingyo Hanabi (goldfish firework)

Feeling so shitty now. Haihz. Mayb this is the reason why I can’t sleep back. I just feel like tell anyone or someone about my problems. But then I won’t cause this is not my style. I like to keep it to myself de. Don’t ask me why, I also don’t know. If you guy thinking I’m gonna blog it here, hahahaha u are damn wrong. :P

I’m in a confused plus can’t find myself situation right now. I just felt like I’m a wayward soul.

Mayb I should take a break bah and disappeared into someplace where nobody can find me.

Or mayb I can commit suicide so tat I will be free from all this problems.

Or mayb I should go back to sleep.

Or mayb . . . . . . . .

Sound like some depressions post tim.

Currently Listening: Ootsuka Ai ~ planetarium

Monday, November 13, 2006


hmm. . . . bz bz
so many assignments to do and need to pk somemore where got times to blog ooh. hahahaha
The day before yesterday, I play pk from 12am-7am. geng leh. no choice wei doing quest and up level. muhaha. Then 12 somethin continue to pk and pk till 2pm like tat after tat pass the comp to my bro cause is his turn to use dy. So I take my nap at 3 somethin pm and woke up at 6 to makan dinner.

Then at 8 somethin started to do my assignment. hum luckily managed to finish it at 11 plus so tat I can continue my pk~ing.

Now my character only level 26. Stil got long wayz to go before I cah change my 2nd level job. I wanna be a crusader lor. muhahaha.

p/s: ooh yah forget tim, I get my result liao last fri. Phew. . . . the result is quite better then I expected lor. I quite happy with it.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

another angry post

I so super dulan wth de bus last fri. kns. . . . . waited 30 min like tat de bus stil haven't come. ccb

Friday, November 03, 2006

extra wu liao post

Yesterday hostel internet down. WTF!!!!
Was supposing to send email of enquires to those advertising company de leh. Arrr!!!

Me whole day look like sohai wei.
Nothin much to do. Sleeping, reading magazine, looking at the computer screen doing nothing then sms and sleep again. Mayb because rainy day bah make ppl wanna sleep.

Somemore I had my dinner bout 10 somethin cause pei who suppose to tah pao for me couldn’t get any taxi back to hostel from pasar malam. They waited for 1 hours liao. So sad. Luckily I didn’t go. I just woke up tat time when pei come knocking on my door asking me whether wanna follow him eat or tah pao.