Tuesday, October 31, 2006

black and white

Hum. . . . this sem assignment damn hard. . . I so gonna die soon. Hav to do alot of interview and stuff. haihz

Somemore my hostel monitor is giving me problem. double sighz. The screen sometimes turn white and sometimes turn black. Is not de first time lor. It started 2 years back if i not mistaken. . . . tat time the screen only turn white jek. but now, it getting more worst lor.


p/s: monitor can u plz be ok till I finish this sem. PLZ . . . I beg u lor.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


I so dulan this morning. KNNCCB neigbour tat stay upstair de. dont know pagi pagi bang apa benda. hello. I stil havent wake up de lah. arrrr

Friday, October 27, 2006


Guess wat my ex boss wanna hired me back to work in de company. According to the ex coellegueas of mine, he is offering me rm300 permonth wei. this totally fuking bullshit. CFH. . . . .

rm300 enough to cover my travel expenses. KNNCCB… U wan us to eat shit iszit.

KNN no wonder all the staff in de company alwayz change. U wanna know why. . . . GIM TOU HAR JI GEI lah. CB

if u wondering those alphabet are wat, I alredy censored it incases of some underage cruising through my page. I don’t wan to be a bad role model. k. . . . . . hahahaha


Thursday, October 26, 2006


So shit wei. When I wanna post new entries just now but I can’t enter blogspot. What happen ooh!!!!


Sunday, October 22, 2006

cardcaptor sakura

So gam dong after reading finish the whole cardcaptor sakura manga. . . So good that sakura get to be with syaoran.

Wonder if this kinda of ending will happen in real life. hmmm. . . . . . .

Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm glad

Finally my result out liao. 1st thing after wake up i terus rush to on9 to check my result.

I pass. thanks god. ^^

Thursday, October 19, 2006

present no.1

10s for the present superjia. muhahaha

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

wu liao post again

Hmm….even though class already reopen yet I’m still so free. For instant this week I only got mon class only and next week I just hav to attend thrus class. So wu liao rite.

Shit my result out soon lor. To be preciously, this comin fri. I got a bad feeling that I’m gonna fail one of my paper. So shito . . . . . Even the lecturer said that some of the students that fail her paper are consist of those who consider above average student. Haihz . . . I wonder if she means distinction lah or merit students. If merit, I so gonna K.O. Just hope I really can pass lor. Plz pray for me. . .

Sunday, October 15, 2006

the open door

dang dang dang. . . .

presenting evanescence new album "the open door"

De songs in de album hai hou lah. I still prefer their 1 album. hehehe

This album seem to kekurangan something. . . . . .

Friday, October 13, 2006

underage thinking

Just downloaded his album few dayz ago. no bad. i like his voice. ^ ^


I particularly like the song for you i will ( confidence) :p


yah i forget to said thanks to 1 person tim. . . . sori lor

10s tez for de birthday wish. muhahaha

Thursday, October 12, 2006

makan makan time part 3

After the movie ngam ngam hao makan buffet.

salmon i love salmon. hahahaha.

sushi somebody pass me de sushi.

So overall I eat till wanna vomit lor. total i only managed to eat 4 plate nia. so char betul. muhahaha

lesly eat 7 plate tim geng not include ice cream and miso soup and saki baki from us. hahaha

he got also wei si mit jik tim. hahahaha

when pig meet dog

les and hp thanks for de 猪 朋 狗 友. . . muhaha

makan makan time part 2

Then we when to mcd to buy some drinks. too thristy liao. hahaha

We did some cam whore there. Hope no ppl notice us bah. muhahahaha

me look so yong sui rite. muhahaha. so damn fat ok and oval. =_=

Then we go watch the wicked man at gsc. The story kinda confusing lor. Thought is a ghost and horror story but then mana tahu is talk about some occult de. no scary at all. muhahaha

makan makan time part 1

Before i started to post all those yummy licious food pics, I would like to thanks my friends for sending sms, friendster testimonial, tag me, called me and celebrate for me my birthdayz. 10s guyz.

10s lesly, cp and hui peng for de birthday presents. ^ ^

10s april. she called all the wayz from uk to wish me happy birthday. . . .

10s ah mel, st, sook teng, daniel d zhu, hui shi, sin sze, fong ling, yen jing, jolene, sharron, leng jie, chan gor, evil, kenny, super fuel, super jia, super wei, glen, liki, gary, ah pei, gao lao, ah kai, see ying, jin charn, kah leong, khairu, ong, cash, sin yee, li jeen, yen may, wei sun, psb, johnno, chienzx and charlie

10s to parents and bro and sis, my cousins michelle and ah loong

hope i didnt miss those ppl tak got wish me de. 10s ya. ^^


We when to 1 U to celebrate my birthday. Lesly already booked a place at shugon where we going to had our dinner buffet at 7pm.

Reach 1 U bout 2 like tat. Since CP and Lesly are hungry, I suggested we go try this taiwan shop called "shi lin" near TGV there. Is just beside MC d. The shop is kinda small actually. limited sitting place. hahahaha. . . I guess they doesn't need any bigger place bah since most of the food are take away de except for the mee lah of course.

cp and lesly posing in front of the cam. hahaha

we ordered 1. fish tempura, 2. xxl crispy chicken, 3 and 4 (forget de name liao lets called it food no3 and food no4.hahaha).

I like de fish tempura and the chicken. nice nice.
food no. 3 also not bad.
food no.4 . hmmm. . . dont know lah taste kinda weird.

the chicken, tempura, food no.3 and no.4 all cost de same which is rm5.50

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

flight of the dragonflies

A Japanese inspired artwork from me. . . .

Monday, October 09, 2006

butterflies haven

Shit my internet being down for 2 dayz. haihz. . . . . . . Luckily the streamyx guy called just now that they hav solve de problem. phew. hahaha

Today morning helped mom clean bro room. Then noon I was playing wth my illustrator cause the internet is still down. Hav to find somethin to occupied my time de. hahahaha

Check it out the wallpaper I created for my xanga and friendster background.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy mooncake festival ^^

I like to eat those gong zai biscuit. hahaha.

Monday, October 02, 2006


I found a website where those ppl make very damn chun origami. Dragon, pheonix, mystical creatures, animal and . . . . . . Damn, I was inspired to do de same things

which was making my own origami.muhahaha.

So I when browsing some site to look for some sifu help to make an origami of a frog.

after some trial and error. ta dah
Presenting my masterpiece

A jumping frog ^ ^

Unrelated case

let me see this few day i got many many weird dream (mind u not wet dream)

few days back had some dream about ghost, vampire and werewolf.
hmmm. . . . mesti from reading too much harry potter book. hehe

Then yesterday was dreaming joining some singing competition.
hmmm. . . . mesti because yesterday I watch a local show called realiti.