Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Crap . . I'm so sienz and confused~

Let not talk about this shall we. . . ^ ^

Exam comin but I still cant concentrate tim. haihz . . . . . .

Yesterday when 1U wth lesly. GO shopping to destress ourself. hehehe. Managed to brought a beach selipar from TOPMAN. weeeeee. . . . . . Then I managed to buy a present for a frienz of mine cause his birthday is comin. Wallet semaking kontang tim.

Then we when to see "Beneath The Water" at TGV. When we enter the hall, we where damn shock . . . . . . . . . Fuk we are the only person who is watching this movie. Damn creepy wei. But luckily later got 3 more ppl enter the hall. phew~

The movie not good at all. No wonder no ppl wanna watch tim.

The we walk walk for a while before go makan. Guess who we saw leh

hahahaha. . . John the winner from superstar. At first I didn't saw him de but then lesly told me is him so I mah patah balik and see. haha. Really is him wor. . .

That my superstar encounter. . . u guy wanna see a pics that we took with him???
(scroll down if u wanna see)


I didnt snap any pics wth him lah. hahaha

Sunday, August 27, 2006

old pic ^ ^

cute anot. . . . ;P

tat is me ok. . . . taking my teddy on a ride. . wanna join mou??? muhahaha

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Sori for the long abscent. . . Kinda lazy upload my blog. muhahaha. Actually got de lah but just update my other blog ny. hehehe

Hmm. . . . Exam in few week times. sienz. If I tell u I didn't study for sure is a lie lai de. I so damn fuking scared now cause got this particular subject so damn hard lor. When I saw the past year questions, I already half fainted liao. Oklah~ I'm exeggerating. hehehe. But the main point is tat is a super duper hard subject lai de. Even the lecturer also said it herself that is the toughest subject.

haihz . . really sei for lor. . . .

wish me luck lah. . .

some cds some present

Brought this fews cds at tower records 3 week ago. Damn murah lor. hehehehe. RM1 for 1 cd. hehehe. "bargain"

I just brought this 3 cds and 1 vcd "the eye". Is damn worth it lor... Espically Fan yi chen cd all the songs inside damn nice. ^ ^

Then last week, I receive a present from a frienz of mine. hahahaha. Thanks alotz.

"mr blue guy" ;p

The post laju parcel that I received. hehehehe

Friday, August 18, 2006

bomber dut~

Finally can upload dy. phew~

Here you go . . . . . Some screenshot from the scene bomberman 3. hehehe.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Fuklah how come I can't upload pic geh . . . . ish ish

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I got a supernoob friendz

Yesterday kena fly air plane by stupid potatoes noob.
Me, pei and chris wait at midvalley like sohai only. . .
Cibai lah tat stupid potato, take bus also so long . . . .
Told us 7 and 8 only reach. Mana tahu 10 somethin also belum sampai. knn.
Wasted my times there. . . ass 'o'
Next time if u know goin to meet us can take early bus anot. FUK. . . .

Tuesday, August 08, 2006



歌曲:Your Color

広いこの世界のなかであの日キミに逢い 恋をし

たのなにも 今までとは代わり映えして

いないと 思ってたのに今日の終わりを告げる 夕

陽になんでだろう 涙が…※逢えない

夜が これほどにも不安な気

持ちに なるなんてね

愛するものが 守れるものと初めて感

じられたThe Night Of Your Color※好きに なる


て考えたことも なかったのにキミに 出逢い初め

て気付いた愛することの 意味合いを

一緒にふたりいると 時間は早足に過ぎゆく逢え

ない時が これほどにもゆっくり流れて

ゆくなんてねこれほどまでに 苦しいのは心から

本当に いとしいから時間の波が寄せ



ない逢えない時が これほどにも私をこんなに 強くしたの

今夜はキミと 夢のなかで逢えるから


Me . . . . Good kisser?

You're a Romantic Kisser
For you, kissing is all about feeling the romanceYou love to kiss under the stars or by the seaThe perfect kiss involves the perfect moodIt's pretty common for kisses to sweep you off your feet

Sunday, August 06, 2006


I wanted to watch this movie. hmmm . . . . but not time to go cinema and somemore don't hav ppl to teman me go see tim . . . . =_+"

I saw the trailer few month ago and already attraacted to it jor. . .

I heard many ppl said is not nice leh. . . Some said 1st half spooky ny. . .

Well I still wan to see leh. . . hahahaha

Saturday, August 05, 2006

dut is back to blog again

Finally pass up 2 assignment. phew~
Next week stil got 2 more assignment and presentation. double head shot to the head.
ooh yah last tues I when to KLCC wth sharron and lesly to do research. Mana tahu go tower record and sapu cd tim. hahaha. They are havin sales. RM1/RM2 for cd and vcd. I buy 3 cd (edwin, fan yi chen and 1 japanese cd) and 1 vcd (the eye). Total spend RM5. muhahaha. That all I buy lah cause the others cds also tat minat lah cause some of the artist also don't know mut sui lai de.
Somemore now everywhere ada sales tim. . . haihz sienz no money to buy tim.
I brought the cable for my samsung handphone. FUK it don't function tim. Can't detect my handphone tim when sudah plug to the usb port. So xxxx sienz hav to go back low yatt again tim to ask de fella. That cable cost me RM50 de lor. haihz