Thursday, June 29, 2006

Qoo ~

Pic of de dayz: Qoo ~

Sony Erisson W300i vs Motorola V3i

I'm eye~ing on this w300i for my own birthday present. hehehe . . .

I know I know stil lama lagi but couldn't help it lah.

cause W300i = super cool

But hor ..............

I like Motorola V3i leh.

Superslim = super super cool


Can't decided which 1 to buy.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

hmmm. . . . shito

Shitty day . . . I just woke up ny. damn tired don't know why . . . . hmmmm

So damn lazy to do assignment. . . due date 3rd of July.

Don't know where to start tim. . ccb

Have to write 3000 words. kanasai

Friday, June 23, 2006

starfish ~

Pic of the day: Sparkling starfish

Music I'm listening now: Blue Bird ~Ayumi Hamasaki

Mood: confused since yesterday and many dayz to come ~

Man, I got tonz of assignments . . . so damn sienz

Yesterday just finish my moral presentation. Boyz, am I suck . . . . . During my turn, I totally screw up de presentation.

Well I forgot to mention de hujah penentangan diskriminasi jantina and totally unaware of it. I just passed my turn to my geng member. Tat is like so damn FUK up.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Just now ah pei come my room and tell me to look outside de window. He said many ppl come outside at de opposite block cause got ppl commit suicide. For awhile I thought got ppl wanna jump down tim mana tahu is makan pillz JI SAT. Ambulance also come tim. By de time we look at de window, the ambulan already gone.

Pei said that the guyz wanna kill himself because of love wor. Somemore he choose to commit suicide in his friend room and not his own room.


why sohai ????

Killing yourself because of love is definately a sohai. Plz lor yr parents send u here to study geh not kau lui.


Killing yourself is not the wayz to solve thing geh.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

convo pic

This post was supposed to upload on sun geh but due to my hostel internet connection so hav to postponed till now.

(me, pei, noob, vui vui and simon de elephant)

Camwhore~ing in front of my room. hehehe.

The wolf in hostel. Alwayz on de look out for the poor little sheep. Run faster run the big bad wolf is comin jor.

(left to right: me, evil, weisiong, pei , simon)

I terpaksa skip my class to attend his convo. . .

The F4 posing. hahaha


Jew few hours ago, my block... oops silap jor should be my floor actually no electricity. . . . . . . . . .
Waited for 30 min lor for the technician to fix it. Previously we got called the guard lah but the guard also dont know wat wrong. sienz betul alwayz my block kena geh. .
Luckily tat time I no doin nythin yet. . I mean updating my blog lah. . If not ar goin to kill someone jor. lolz

lagging =.="

Thank GOD finally de Internet connection ok jor. ^ ^ This few dayz de internet damn lag u know.

Take me ages to load flickr, blogspot website when i suddenly got de urged to update it. cb

My msn keep on dc most of the time and I can't even received file from my coursemate. ccb

Downloading note for this comin thrus moral presentation from email but damn it tak bergerak langsung. knnccb

Damn frustrated geh u known until i totally give up online.

Sis got her uni result yesterday. She got Electronic Engineering in KUKUM. haha. Don't know apa san kah lar dei fong geh. . . .

Then sis tell me is in perlis. . . . OMG so damn far. . . 6 hours ride if take bus. Sit until ass also pain.

So I mah sms her lor how iszit goin to KUKUM there study . . .

She replied me
" Ya lo ur father and mother and brother so semangat wanna send me go"

lolz . . . . .

Then just now when sms wth her, she said tat
" Your bro said go there cannot eat pork jor"

lolz. . . . .

Friday, June 16, 2006

there goes my fri

Yesterday slept around 3 plus then woke up at 8 something cause have to go to National Library with my coursemates to look for this damn dut hard to find info for this International Advertising assignment.
So Lesly pick me up at 9 somethin and then we when to fetch Sharron and Ven Ping. Then we go makan breakfast at Genting Klang.

Reach National Library bout 12pm. Lepak there for about 3 hours like tat browsing the books. The enviroment there really make me damn sleepy. zzzzzz

hmm . . . . can't find much info tim. . . . haihz. . . I'm doom. . .

When we wanna balik tat time, hujan lebat tim.

Hujan also still need to balik geh. So we faster faster rush to de car.

Drop by at genting Klang again for lunch before we Lesly fetch us back home.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

friendz~ part 1


Wayne or better known as Way~ne ( pronoun as winnie) . hehe. Is his official name in Block J. . . I think he like toilet punya. If not hor won't, he won't put his email toiletpaper**@ somethin. com geh. hehehehe. . .

He is a game freak lai de, chor di kaki and also hamsters supplier. ho ho ho. Even my hamster also get from him geh.

He also a blogger lai de. click here

See I so good promoting yr blog. muhahaha

(p/s: u hav been warned. Some of his post is x-rated geh. . . . hahaha)

Wei Siong

Another hostel's friendz. Better known as sohai, potato, noob, fan shu . . . . Alwayz kena bully by his hostel friendz . . . No matter his senior or junior. . . . Somemore his roommate alwayz diu kau him geh. SAD SAD. . U can't help it. If u meet him in person u also ren bu ju yau diau ta.


He is self proclaim DOTA king. . . but in reality hor, he really is a noob king. hehehe. . . His teammate also wanna muntah darah if same team wth him.

His fav quote is cheey~bio. ( I also don't know wat it mean)

nyway he is a good guyz lai de. hehehe

Friday, June 09, 2006


I think most probably I'll be attending Potato noob punya convo lor this comin sat. hahaha. Finally he get to graduate leh. haha. . .

Oops, I forget jor . . . I got class. . . . screw de class. lolz

Thursday, June 08, 2006

long wind post~

Woke up bout 7 somethin cause got class at 8 am. >.<" After 10 kinda free cause the following tutorial already canceled. So I went back hostel to 0n9 and sleep.

So as a conclusion, I'm very FREE on Mon. hehe

Kinda no mood so I decided to skip the 8am class. hahahaha. I only when for the 12 pm class. When I reached the classroom, I'm de only person in the class. >.<"
I try to called my frienz but the line not tat good can't hear wat she is talking. Few minutes later the assistant course rep and her gang entered. I called my frienz again. She told me class canceled liao. >.<"

I confirmed again wth the assistant course rep. She told me the lec got thing to do so can't come today. . . . Then she passed me some note. I take it then decided to balik hostel. Cause no point also staying at the classroom when lecturer not in.

As a conclusion, tues also very free. Cause whole day no class.

ooh yah, my ex-hostel frienz JC and KL come to find me at 5 somethin. hehe. me, ah pei, JC and KL chit chat for awhile at my room before go makan at canteen cause no choice raining. Then lepak at pei's room and play chor di. hehe.

Today class start kinda late cause the 10am lec already canceled. So I when for the 12pm class at video lab. Sienz betul got there only watch those oversea advertisements.



Just wish those commercials faster end lor.

2pm had another tutorial. Kinda sienz also. But luckily de class finish at 3 somethin. Faster faster rush back hostel to take nap. Hehehe

So u guyz must be wondering since Im so free but y didn't I update my blog rite. The reason is because I'm so damn fuking lazy lor. Hahahaha.

This post can consider a miracle liao de. hehehe

Monday, June 05, 2006

morning class

Darn . . . . . I hate 8am class. Hav to force myself to wake up early. Sienz betul. Sleepy, tired and cold. . . . arrrr!!! tomorrow and thrus also 8 am class ar. sighz.

Friday, June 02, 2006

gathering wth hostel gengz

When to meet Lee hui and Evil for dinner at Mid Valley on tues. hehe. Lee Hui suggested that we makan at Kim Gary since Evil belum try there before. Kim Gary as usual is full of ppl . . . >.<" luckily we ada tempat to sit. hahaha
Me and Evil also don't know wat to eat so we asked Lee Hui to recommend to us.

This is wat Evil and Lee Hui ordered.

This is wat I had. . . Forget jor called apa. But the meat damn nice. ^.^"
Cost bout RM11.50 . . . la la la la

When mai dan tat time, we thought of paying AA geh mana tahu evil said he belanja wor. haha. Thanks Evil. Guess he is not pure evil after all.

p/s: evil in formal suit is a rare sighting. hehe