Sunday, May 28, 2006

dutlicious cheese tarts

Before we left our office, me, sharron n cp decided to belanja our boss and also his personal assistant. hehehe.

We brought this at Thyme Bakery. Very very very near our office punya. Somemore hor, we are the bakery loyal customers. hehe. Especially me, alwayz go there beli breads geh. hehe.

By de wayz the owner also very friendly one. She even belanja us three egg cupcakes. yummy. . . . .

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sushi King - 19/5/2005

Me, Cp and Sharon when to KLCC to celebrate after completing our internship. Finally . . . . . freedom. We hav to eat kau kau lor. lolz

1st we thought of going to Gengki Sushi to celebrate but hor Gengki too many ppl dy. So we decided to eat at Sushi King.

Look !!! we got potential to be Sushi King spokepersons. hehehe.

Those two galz opt for the Sushi . . . because they said eat set lunch very full 1.


hehehe. . . .

As for me I decided to hav the black pepper sakana set. Cost bout RM 14.90 if I not mistaken.

Rating: 6/10

Complain: To little to choice to choose from. haihz.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

150th post

Kinda do nothing this few dayz. On9, sleep and eat ny. sememangnya babi betul. lolz
Tomorrow I'll be goin for an interview for this part time data entry job at PJ. wew. . . . I wanna earn extra income while studyin. Lebih baik sekali if I can bring the work back hostel to do. hahahahaha. Save transportation money. hehehe
Yah, I got new roommate jor.
No more 1 room for myself jor.
>.< "

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Chain of Memories

Currently reading: Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Vol 1

You don't hav to play the game in order to know the storyline. hehehehe. They actually adapted it into manga.

For those 1st timer, do check out Kingdom Hearts 1st before you proceeding to read Chain of Memories. This is because Chain of Memories continue where Kingdom Hearts stop.




Finally my internship is over jor. It time for celebration. hahahaha

Well basically this week also nothin to do geh. Cause my boss hired many new staffz. And all our works, we already hand it over to our new colleagues. We just go there sit, read magazine and on9. hahaha

During lunch hours, Boss did spend us eat nando as a farewell party for us. We makan at 1 Utama.

Yah, me and my colleagues cum corsemate got took many many photos. hahahaha. Will upload soon. . . hahaha.

I'm hav to stop dy cause too sleepy liao. z z z z z z

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pasar Malam

Yesterday after fong kong, me meet up wth pei and go makan at wangsa.
Makan jor then we headed to pasar malam at sec1. hehehehe. wasai stay for 3 years liao now baru tahu sec 1 got pasar malam geh. hehe. I bet u guyz (ham yu and wayne) dont know bout this. haha
Me brought a lotz of thingz makan. Jagung, burger, apam balik and the king of all fruits durian. yummy . . . . . . . .
Wasai really really becomin fat jor. Nyway the durian i got share wth vui vui n pei geh. hahaha.
But overall memang kenyang nak mampus. hehehe

Saturday, May 13, 2006

JJ ticket

Yesterday mom just pass sis 4 JJ tickets.

Arrrr . . . . Why is the venue in Menara PGRM . . . . . .

If in Bukit Jalil, I will sure go geh. haihz

Happy Mother's Day

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

damn dut tired

I'm bloody tired too.

tired . . . . tired . . . . tired. . . . .

Today after fong kong, when to eat ikan bakar wth my 2 colleagues cum coursemate at Petaling Street. Sedap sekali Cost us RM 14.50 perperson. 1 plate Ikan pari bakar, 1 plate sotong bakar and 1 plate of sayur.
After we finish liao, we when to this comic shop tat sell magazine and also manga figure. My frienz said they got sell keroro figure just like those I brought frm midvalley, tapi mana tahu . . . . . . . . Speechless . . . . .
she said she mistakenly see wor.
I got buy myself Friday (HK magazine) to read. Oklah, not read is see see pic. hehehe For u guyz information, I only tahu read a bit bit of Chinese ny.
Then those two galz decided to go to this comestic shop to buy stuffz. Xiao betul mereka. Never know they can spent 1 hours plus there just shopping for cosmetic and facial stuffz.
As for me I just jalan sini and sana waiting them to finish their shoppin. Sometimes, ada contribute my precious opinino on which color is nicer. . . . hehe. How I wish they cepat cepat finish beli. So sienz lor.
I reach hostel also 10.30 somethin. haihz penat nya.

Monday, May 08, 2006

sot plak tim

I'm so in lov wth action figure nowadayz. hehehe. Gundam, keroro and pokemon too. la la la la la

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Keroro action figure. Brought this from Mid Valley. Cool huh.

Wah !!!! Have to assemble sendiri geh. Thought sudah gau tim punya. hehe

Manual guide teaching u how to assemble Keroro. Those instruction in Japanese. Tak tahu baca lor.

The equipment needed to make this project are newspaper and cutter.

Nearly siap punya Keroro weapons, shield, bomb and his cap. hehe

Yes sir. . . Keroro reporting for duty. 1st mission terminate owig. hahahahaha. Sudah siap punya keroro. hahahaha. Fully armed. Beware. . . . . Took me few hours to do geh. Do until my hand pain tim. >.<"

Keroro in battle mode. zap zap. . . . . .hahaha. Mata abit cacat lor cause stick mmm hou lei. haihz sedih betul.

cheesy tart affair

Strawberry and blueberry cheese tart. DELICIOUS.

I buy it from a bakery shop just opposite Kotaraya. .

Small (as shown in de pic) cost RM1.50 perpiece

Big (slightly bigger and more cheese) cost RM2.40 perpiece

My new shoes

Yesterday was kinda free, so mah go midvalley shopping. This time surely go get myself a new shoes. hehe. Been to the converse shop few times liao. The last time when ada plan to buy geh mana tahu the shoes I wanna buy don't hav my sizes. sienz.

This time mou lun yi hor mesti beli lor. So tah da. hehehehe. I present u my brand new shoes. hahaha. Cost me RM 189.

Nice mou??? I instantly felt in lov after seeing it. haha.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

pak toh?? I don't know

I was suppose to post this entry togehter wth the makan~ing at bei hai punya post geh but me kinda terlupa jor.

So here it goes. . . . .

M (my cousin) bring along her bf TK (grandpa punya cousin punya anak) at the family dinner lah. So my cousins and my bro are debating what shall we called M after she married wth TK. This is bacause her pangkat will be more higher if they married. hahahaha

Then suddenly my auntie ask me sudah ada gf mei.

I terus jawab tak ada. I memang pun tak ada geh. hahaha

The she mah asked when is my turn pulak . . . .

I was like >.<"

Luckily the focus change to M and her Bf. hehehehe. phew, wat a relief. . .

Seem like my uncles and aunties wanna guan jui TK. hahaha. Ask him to yam sing wth them. hehehehe. Bukan ny minum beer tapi minum Hennessy.


After the dinner, we singgah sebentar to grandama hse. Grandma wanna pass somethin to mom.

When we wanna balik tat time, my uncle pulak ask me when I'm going to find 1.

I was like >.<"

Then he start to lec me said tat if u like the galz go for it. If she don't like u also she can't halang u form loving her. .

I said hai lah hai lah and terus said bye bye and left. hehehehehe

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dome ~ ing

This is so damn long times ago punya pics. Now I baru post. hahahaha. Forget wat de name jor de the salad and de drink.

Salad leh . . . . . .hmm. . ok ny lah. Don't really quite like it.

Drink leh . . . . Definately like the apple crush (on the right) Really sedap lor.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Makan~ing at Bei Hai

Today when for family dinner at Selayang. If I'm not mistaken, the restoran name is called Bei Hai. RM 900 plus for 3 table. Mom and her siblings paid for it. An early mother's day celebration for grandma.
I didn't bring my digi cam to snap ny photos cause too lazy. . . . Somemore I don't wan u guyz dapat tengok tapi tak dapat makan. . . muahahaha (joking ny lah)
Foodz was nice. .
The ganjil part while eating in de restoran is the toilet. There is a large a large mirror in front of the toilet bowl. DENG betul. . . Where got ppl like to see their ownself peeing or ****~ing. hahaha. Sot Plak betul.