Saturday, April 29, 2006


Part 1
Fuk . . . can u tell me why do we still have to be at the office when it renovating. (this ques is for my boss to answer)

Damn dangerous ok . . . . bloody hell. . . Is not like we can do anythin. Just sit there like sohai ny.

So my frienz decide to called boss for permission to go back. That ****** buat bodoh sahaja pretending tak dengar. ish. . . . .

Then my frienz told him tat we hav to unplug de cable cause the guyz need to do de wiring. The hor de ****** said move de pc to somewhere esle do.

wtf. . . .

Part 2
Yup, today is pay day. Got my cek liao. Somemore good news tim. I got RM200 for bonus. hahaha. Oklah, not me sahaja. . . . my colleagues and coursemate also got tim. hahahaha.

Friday, April 28, 2006


Rasberry Frappuccino ( hope I spell it rite. . . hehe)

Rating: 7/10

This pic was taken when lepaking at Border punya Starbucks. . . .

yummy. . . . .

Friday, April 21, 2006


Today have to carry my cpu all the wayz frm hostel all the wayz from wangsamaju back to Shah Alam.
Sememangnya speechless. Apa boleh buat. Dad ask me to bring home wor so he can ask his frienz to fix.
Hopefully can fix asap lor.
If tak dapat pun at least can get a new one. . . . evil grin
Plz jangan format lor cause all my photos (Yes my ZLK photos) and my 1000 somethings punya songs all in there. Don't ask me why tak back up. Cause memang tak sempat for me to back up b4 the comp sot plak. haihz. . . . .
Currently listening: Jewel - Foolish Games

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Sienz betul. My hostel punya computer sudah sot plak liao.

Can't on9, can't listen to those new songz, can't msn

arrrr . . . . . . .

Baka desu.

Now sedang tunggu my friendz balik sin frm singapore to check for me apa wrong wth dat dut comp.

Most probably hav to buy new geh lor. haihz

Only dapat on9 at office and also on9 at home during weekend. so cham lor.

Currently listening: No Protection(香港版) - 侧田

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm back

This few dayz can't blog because hav to work lor and also outstation tim. Every dayz also hav to OT , OT and more OT.

I'm so freaking tired.

Our exibition is at Midvalley exibition hall, the boss asked us to overnite for 2 dayz scared we datang lambat for de exibition.

dut betul lah dia.

So we tinggal at Boulevard Hotel lor.

the lobby. We sedang waiting de boss to come cause he wanna belanja us makan.

cosy bed lor. . . . . make me wanna z z z z z z z

just woke up ny. . . . tired tired. Later hav to work tim.

The toilet n bathroom. . .

yummy idako, tamago, unagi, hash brown, muffinz, yogurt and . . . . . . Those are wat I had for my breakfast at Wildrice.

koi , carp dan banyak lagi tim. . . This pic was taken at the Wildrice.

Cantik rite de view. . . . I hope I can hav a water garden.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I want it. . . .

Was readin TEA Mag ( HK mag lai de) a while ago when I saw this guyz wearimg a damn nice t-shirt. A cream color shirt geh wth a faded red eagle or phoenix motifz on it.

Straight away I feel in love.

Not wth de guyz, ok. . . .

dut betul lah.

I was refering to the shirt.
I wan that t-shirts.

Damn, how I wish I'm in Hong Kong rite now.


Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Les n St

(frm clockwise : me, venping, vp gf, sharon, birthday boyz lesly and cpek)

Happy Birthday Lesly. . . hahaha. Well was suppose to write about this during his birthday on the 20th Mac but terlupa jor. We brought him a mr.bean teddy bear and force him to hug de teddy infront of the cafe there.

Until just now I saw this pic frm his friendster. . . hahaha

Forget to mention the location tim. hahaha. We celebrate at Feeling Cafe. Dengar kata is Guang Liang buka geh. . .

Jugak tidak lupa kepada super leng lui Estee de sotong who share de same birthday wth lesly geh.

"Happy Birthday"


I'm tired . . . .

I need some sleep. . . .


I need "U"

my dear Cinnamon Roll . . . .

Those were de dayz . . . . .

When I was cleaning my drawer, I saw this blue box.
Inside got many many letters lor from my admirer. hehe
Sot Plak betul. . . Forgive me for being so ss. hahaha
Actually those letter are from my best palz April. . . We very heng geh "fei gap chung she" (using pigeon to send letter) to communicated with each otherz when she went back to kk after her studyz.
Somemore hor de pigeon after send those letter liao sure tak balik geh. Don't know go where. dut betul. . . . hahaha
Now she is in UK doin her degree. Is been like 2 years since I last saw her.
We stil communicate geh but not by letter lor cause now technology so canggih. . . We use MSN geh.
Somemore we also don't wan those pigeon get kill geh.
April gambateh Kudasai. . .