Friday, March 31, 2006

Yummy. . . yummy

Last fri when back home, I saw this box of starbucks at the fridge lor. . . Obviously aku punya. Lolz. nolah dad said is mine geh. . . Tak sangka go Starbucks ada tah pao for me . . . hehehe

dut dut dut betul . . . . de cake damn sedap lor. I'm really lovin' it geh.

Rating: 8/10

Cost: RM8 plus

Secret Recipe

This mushroom sauces chicken chop rice is ok-ok ny. I dont like the rice lor.

Rating: 5/10

Dis 1 damn sedap lu. nice nice. . . . Don't know call wat lor but it come wth de set punya.

Rating: 8/10

Definately will come back makan again 1. . . .

Cost me bout RM 15.80

p/s : It also included an Ice Lemon Tea.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Today while waiting for the bus to come, I asked my friendz to snap a pic of me at the bus stop.

Yah. Yah. I know I damn ZLK. muhahahahaha

So just now while transfering de pics . . . . . . . . OMG!!!!
how come got two figure behind me geh.
(hahaha, actually hor those guyz are from spotlite geh promoting a new ghost movie called Don't Open Your Eyes.)

Celcom ad

I just saw JJ advertisement a while ago.

Is an advertisement for Celcom punya. hahaha

I'm lovin it again

I so freaking loving this photo . . . Just snap it yesterday. Ada canggih tak???


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

lazy to blog disorder

I'll been hit by too lazy to blog disorder. . . .

muhahaha. that explain why I'm kinda lazy to blog geh.

Nothin much happen this dayz. . . . Office still tat sienz. Nywayz last mon we kinda hav to ot because boss wanna brief us about the coming fair. Me tat time already no mood dy. I wonder why he can't come earlier in de morning and brief us. . . . . I rather hav him in the office in the morning rather then he come in at 2 or 4 pm then on brief us. Now u know why somethingz we hav to ot. Is all because of him. . . . . . .

Last sun when to meet some dut person for lunch at times squares. . . Mana tahu when I wanna balik tat time damn heavy rain. Sienz. . . . Terpaksa merayau-rayau at sg wang. Then reach home also 9 o' clock liao.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Currently listening: (龚诗嘉) 再一次拥有

I keep on repeating this songz. damn nice. . . . . .

nyone interested in this song can ask frm me geh. . . don't worry I charge u murah murah ny. muhahahaha. RM 1, 000, 000

I'm stil sick . . . . sighz

stupido comp

I'm sick. . . . sienz betul

making me tak bermaya langsung. . . hiahz

Well I really piss off wth my boss. Today when office as usual lor. Mana tau the office stil close. So my friendz mah call the person who ada kunci de. The person not comin lor cause on mc.

So we call the boss n also the another guy tat hav de key ge. But no one pick up de phone. . . . sienz betul.

We mah leave a short note saying tat we will wait till 11am ny.

So lepak at mamak there till 11 but de stupid guyz still tak balik.

So ambil keputusan to balik dont care him. Mana tahu walk half wayz he call one of my colleague and told him he will be arriving at 11.45.

FUK rite. we just left.

When we at lrt on of the colleague call my friend saying tat de boss ask us to come back. But we malas diu him. We just balik rumah ny. haha

nywayz sure tomorrow kena diu kau kau frm him. But I dont care. He is such a loser.

Shit. . . . I'm coughing non stop now. sienz

Sunday, March 12, 2006

ouch !!!

a dut saturdayz outing

Yesterday when sing k wth friendz.
Then go midvalley to find lesly. He sedang pak toh~ing there. He ask me to called him back after 4 cause he watching movie wth . . . . .
OKlah since he said hewill give me a lift to the lrt. haha. So I go wait.
Go jalan2 for a while cause wanna buy some birthday gift but end up buy nothin at all cause don't know wat to buy.
So mah give up lor and go lepak at BORDER. Buy a vmag n headed straight to starbuck and order myself a mango frappacino. ( hope I spell it rite) hehehe. Cost bout rm12 geh but I no need pay 1 cause I got free vouches.
Actually goin to meet up wth a dut person geh but can't even recognize tat person. so end up don't know which 1 is tat dut person. memang dut betul.
Lepas tu follow lesly car back to wangsamaju. 1st time chat wth ah so. hahahaha. A very funny galz indeed. Lesly u nad ah so really make a cute couple. wink wink. haha. sori lor i be yr light bulb.

After drop ah so at her working place then me n lesly headed to JJ.

Then when makan wth cpek and lesly at genting klang before he drop me at the lrt.


I'm not feeling well laterly. . . . .

I'm lazy to blog too . . . . .

but I'm very Happy

dut dut dut dut dut dut

Finally sudah 3 weeks liao working at the company. Dapat juga bertahan sampai 3 minggu. Stil got 10 more weeks to go . . . . . How I wish tomorrow is my last dayz in that company. hehehe

la la la la la la

Currently listening: Initial-d non stop mega mix ( damn love this songz)

Friday, March 10, 2006


How I hate taking KTM home. Is so fuking lambat one. Somemore today so damn many ppl dont know why??? Mayb tergendala guao. sien sien. . .

When in de damn train liao, suddenly the light will off itself geh then u will heard a loud bang frm de door 1. . . . Just like those scary movie.

The worst part is tat when it going to reach SA, the train suddenly stop for few minutes. Wat de fuck . . . . Ppl got appointment geh. ish memang sien betul.

la la la la



竟有偏差 不想和我好

Saturday, March 04, 2006

I wan . . . .

I wanna get one of this. Lolz

Canon IXUS i Zoom

It kinda cheap actually cause now ada megasales. la la la la la

Which color better ar???

(mayb I dreamin too early liao I guess . . . . )

Yah, He did it again

As usual today also nothin to do . . . Sit there on har line n read har jap zhi to wait times fly by. . .

12 o'clock go makan lunch. The spagetti I order not nice lor. Sienz

2 somethin, boss come in . . . I go ask him wat I need to do then he said he is sorri n bz wor will talk to me later. . .

Oklor continue online lor . . .

Then 4 somethin boss pun keluar. . . Good news. We can open music lor. Me and my friendz mah chit chat lor sambil online. We hope tat we can leave de work place tepat tepat 6.30 (yah, I work till 6.30 ny)

It almost 6. 29, when we almost wanna leave de office suddenly boss come back. Then he ask us where r we goin . . .

Then I mah reply goin home lor said finish work liao mah. . He ask us to stay back for a while n call us masuk his office.

= . = "

Damn, I knew it . . . .

Sure kena OT geh. Sien betul. Luckily, I got appointment if not sure balik lambat again one. . . dut betul.

He ask me to assist another friendz punya project wor. See everytime wanna go back baru give work geh. . sien

Luck he didn't ask me to come bck work on sun or sat.

If not, for sure I will grab a big tuna and slap him wth it.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

damn fucking piss off

I really hate working at that company . . . .

Sighz . . today terpaksa OT tim. fucking shit.

OT also di sebabkan oleh bos bagi last minutes work. . . . arrrrr

Don't know why he like to give ppl work when it time for balik . . . . why, can u plz tell me???

When I free tat time u dont give geh, u know today I sit there for 3 hours doin nothin just flipping magazine to read ny. When it time to balik leh u ask ppl do work pulak. . . stupid fucker. . U think we leave very near iszit??? Sei Pok Kai.

Yak si lah. . . . . . . .