Sunday, February 26, 2006


Fuking shit, finally I finish my office works. i took me bout 24 hours ( yesterday and today combine together) to finish it.

Sienz betul there goes my weekendz. Can't even enjoy it tim.

wtf lai de . . . . .

Saturday, February 25, 2006

1st week of working

Hi guyz, I'm back. . . . .

Haihz really got no time to blog geh. Too bz wth work lor. sienz betul.

Everyday hav to wake up like 7.oo in the morning n prepare myself to work.

Somemore hor, have to sesak sesak wth ppl at lrt. sienz

Everyday reach work on time also nobody come open de door geh. . . Cause they come late 1. .

Sometimes, we sit there few hours doing nothin. Just flipping magazine ny. Cause the bos come only during lunch hours geh. . . .

Then when we wanna leave tat times, he will pass us some work and expect us to finish by today. . . Can u imagine tat. . . So gau dou we hav to OT. . . Reach home sometimes 9 like tat. sad sad sad

We OT also not get paid de lah cause we are trainee. . Cham

Worst stil, yesterday he ask us can come back to work on sun anot. . . And I was like WTF . . . .

Of course I said I cannot . . . where got people so free come work on sunday geh.

Now sudah work for 1 week liao but feel like working for few month. . . Faster Faster May lah. I really cannot tahan liao. .

Saturday, February 18, 2006


I wan cash voucher from topsman.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Music + Talent

While I was reading my xanga subscription just now, I stumble upon this interesting post about hidden talent and the author did recommended this guyz in her blog.

Well, of course my tangan sure gatal de. I go press his link.

Damn this guyz sing quite good. Heard that he composed those songs himself. Way to go man. . . hehe.

Check out his songs . . . . la la la la

I personally like the song It's You

p/s: a note to the singer . . . If u really come up an album, i will buy geh. hahaha

shopping = PK

yesterday when Sg wang wth coursemates.

Ish. . . . . I told myself not to buy anything de just walk walk ny but end up . . . . . .



Bought few stuff already cause me RM150 plus. Haihz this month punya duit sudah habis guna liao. sienz betul.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Good Morning

Damn, today sleep damn early tim. . . Was fuking bored I guess. hehe.

Nyway woke up at 4 somethin. . . .

Guess I can't sleep dy guao . . When on9 downloaded some manga to read, deleted some mail and check my friendster and hi5.

Oklah, I guess I go back to sleep as soon as I finish downloading the manga 1st. hehehe

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

101 post

Actually I decided to abandon this blogspot geh but somehow I decided to start write back again cause it quick troublesome especially for my friendz cause they have to relink me back in another address. Fanz rite. So mind as well don’t do any chances. Anywayz the news blogspot I already created liao and if u guyz interested, u can message me geh I will give u the add.

First of all I would like to wish everyone happy Valentine Day.

Sien Sien punya day cause no one to spend wth but luckily I got my hamsters wth me. They will be my valentines. la la la la la la

Programmes for tonite mayb on9 bah. Otherz then tat listening to music lor.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Tak sangka alreadi 100th post liao. Hav to celebrate lor. la la la la la

Damn sien at hostel just sleep, sembang, on9 and eat and de cycle keep on repeating. lolz

Now waiting for 20th of Feb. I'll be starting my industrial training lor on dat dayz. haha

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


This few dayz alwayz sleep late but wake up early de. Don't know why. sien betul . . . . Not like I got class or wat. . I think I'm abnormal liao.
Haihz . . .

My friendz hamster pass away. So cham the poor thing. Hardly can open his eyes and he walk using his fronts leg ny.
Cause of dead don't know. But I know the hamster very cham ny.
Belum lagi adult tim, belum lagi ada change to make love tim already die. sad sad betul. Hope the hamster rest in peace.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

cute cute

My cute little cousins.

They mayb as cute as an angel but . . . . . . .

Look at my room. Like been hit by tornado tim.

Thanks guyz. lolz

Friday, February 03, 2006

1 2 3 action . . .

I kena tag by mel. So here it goes . . . .

4 Jobs I've Had In My Life


(all end wth er de. . . hahaha)

4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over
FF7: Advent Children
Finding Nemo
Lord of The Ring
horror movies - i'm lovin' it

4 Places I've Lived
Kampar - small tat time lah. living wth grandma
Kepong - i use to lepak there during holiday . . . (grandma hse also)
Kl - study there mah tinggal there lor. haha
Shah Alam - currently staying

4 Places I've Been On Vacation
All local place lai de. . .

4 Places I Would Rather Love to Be In
Hong Kong - i wanna go there shopping
Japan - this 1 definately must go de
Liverpool - hopefully next year I'll be goin there lor. keeping finger cross
New Zealand - when I retired liao

4 Of My Favourite Foods
cakes - give me give me
Sushi - yummy ( jumping here and there)
pineapple tart - hahaha, who don't like
Grandma cookin

4 Websites I Visit Daily
My blog xanga and blogspot
My friendster
My friendz blog

4 Unfortunate Souls Tagged
Jia Jia

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New hybrid of roti

Roti wasabi . . .

Best in Hostel TARC. If anyone interested in eating this new roti, do drop by at hostel to taste it.

Rating: 9/10

p/s: that not my hand. haha

By de wayz, yesterday when to sing k wth bro, sis and my cousins. . Chor 3 go sing k. . . 1st time lor. Normally we chor 2 go watch movie de but this time there is a change of plan. haha

Luckily redbox stil got place. . We sang from 11 -2.

Hate it when it time to go. . haihz

I wan to sing more and more and more. hahahaha

Then when jalan - jalan at sg wang lor. Many shops also close liao. Jalan also tak syok lah.

I managed to buy Leu Ko latest mandarin album. . .hahaha

Wishing upon de stars: someone to teman me go see leo ku and miriam yeung concert.

good old dayz 2

lolz. After some digging and searching for a long time, I finally found this pic.

This pic was taken on 17/10/2004 . . Of course I can remember the date. hahaha. Cause is Ah Pei birthday.

Look how happy is ah pei receiving his birthday present. muhahaha

Well, leaving in hostel is so much fun. . . U get to know a bunch of good gang and also they tend to celebrate yr birthday differently. .