Saturday, January 28, 2006


First of all Happy Chinese New Year to u guyz.

Ngor geh Hong Pau leh???


Then I would like to thanks wei siong, cp and kin for the CNY cards. Thanks a lots lor. Totally unexpected will receive from u guyz. haha

Happy Belated Birthday Jason. .

Yah, I receive my 1st ang pau liao from my dad friendz. haha

I gonna summarize this week punya scedules.

Sun 22/1
the whole day do revision on statistics cause mon got tat damn susah paper. Read and do latihan till 2 am. hehe. geng leh.

2.30 when ro sleep but can't so mah go yam cha lor till 3 somethin. hahaha. Then late sleep like a pig. haha

Mon 23/1
Stastistic exam - ok ok lah. Hopefully can score A. After exam come back sleep cause next day got another paper Theory of Films.

At nite also didn't read much. Sleep again. hahaha

Tues 24/1
Wasai wake up bout 6 am to read. read and read till I pening liao.

8 somethin, drink 2 packets of nescafe. walao er . . . . . after drinking it, I started feeling unwell liao. Kepala mula pening tim.

Luckily the headache when off b4 I enter the exam venue.

Damn I so happy after finish de last paper. When back hostel to blast music. hahaha

7 somethin when out to celebrate wth coursemate. pergi makan steak wor. hahaha

moral of the story: Don't drink nescafe b4 go exam . . . hehe

Wed 25/1
When sg wang wth wei siong. go go shopping. hahaha.

Thrus 26/1
Clean my room at hostel. Damn tired lor. . .

Fri 27/1
When back Shah Alam. Clean room again. double tired.

Sat 28/1
It Chinese New year Eve lor. . .

8 something in the morning had our reunion dinner. Too early leh. hahaha. Wat to do cause mom and sis working.

11am when to eat again cause too hungry liao. I think I 'm gonna eat few more round lor later.

don't know why lor

Feel like very hungry during CNY. . . hahaha.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


fuk . . statistics is damn hard lor. I gonna die soon. Someone plz give me a headshot. Plz . . . . I'm begging u. Kill me 1st.
Was looking at the past year just now don't think i know how to do tim. They make it so easy in the tutorial but in final exam tat time, is damn fuking hard. Sei lor gam chi. Mon exam now stil struggling to understand how to do and not forget also memorising those formula. @.@

Saturday, January 21, 2006


dut dut dut . . .

Fnally left 2 more papers. Statistic and Theory of Films . . . . . . Hav to kah yao lor. hahahahaha. Goin to finish the exam before Chinese New Year. hehehe. Can consider a good thing also lah at least New Year don't hav to read textbook.
Reading really make me headache lor esepically textbook with lots of words punya. really really pening I tell u. haihz . . . . . .
Anyway, my two hamster w and x is getting fatter and fatter each dayz.
Mayb I should put them on a diet lor. LOLZ

Thursday, January 19, 2006



lyrics 3


Album: 乐行者

































Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pinky Pig

Lolz. . . cute anot ?? I draw de when attendin cyber law lec.

lyrics part 2


Album : So Penny...好佩妮















仰望着夜空 听潮起潮落


Monday, January 16, 2006

Good Old Dayz


遗失的美好 - 石欣卉












So lazy to write nything today . . . . If u wanna read wat happening to me this past few dayz just click on my xanga cause I update there.

Forget to tell u guyz I cut my hair liao. . . Damn short lor kinda not use to it tim. haihz

I try to post it some day. Now I wanna shut down myself cause later hav to on back to study lor.

Currently reading: Cyber Law textbook. (I don't think u guyz wan to know wat the content of the book cause it really bored u to dead . . . sighz)

Friday, January 13, 2006

damn sien

Damn sleepy rite now. nothin much lately to update lah cause buzy studying. . . ( kononlah) hahahaha.
Nyway today did some tarot card reading for friendz. They all insist me to see for them their love relationship, studies. Oklah I mah did some reading for them . . . My friendz said that some quite accurate. Mayb I really got potential lor. lolz. If u guyz need ny reading u can cari me de. Me and my assistant Simon will gladly assist u. hehehe. Jokin ny lah I'm stil a begginner ny stil got lotz more to learn.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


So lazy to blog this few dayz. Here a short synopsis wat happening to me this few dayz . . .
Lepak at hostel whole evening cause no class mah. Then bout 5 somethin when to midvalley to meet my cousin michelle. When dinner wth her at sushi king. hahahaha. She said wanna belanja me de but I said no need lor. Then we when shopping for the gifts. . . . After some brainstorming and walking here and there, we decidee to buy red wine for Angie. . . Cause she like wine. Then we when to paper (sell paper punya shop) and ask the person to wrap de gift for us. The galz who do wrapping for us thought we are couple tim. Zha dao . . . .
Rush back college cause got class at 12pm but mana tahu the teacher cancel it but didnt inform us. deng . . . . . waste my time ny. WTF . . . .
So mah balik rumah cause later got cousin wedding dinner have to attend.
5 something when depart from home to 1 Utama. . . reach there also quite early. . so went shopping for a while. . .
The dinner start at 8 o'clock cause some guest arrive bit late cause heavy rain mah. . .
I was cameraman for a day helping my uncle snap photos.
Wedding ended at 10 something reach also bout 12 like that cause heavy jam at Pj there. . damn tired lor . . . .
Noon when to auntie hse for the bachelor nite for my cousin. Didn't stay long lah cause dad wanna fetch sis fong kong at 10pm. So we leave auntie place at 9 something. Didnt managed to eat tong yuen tim. . . sigh . . . .
Wake up damn early today bout 4 something am cause can't sleep liao then on9 for a while and continue sleep back again. Bout 6 sometihng mom call us to wake up lor cause we need to go to aunt's hse. Today is my cousin Angie big day. . .
The bridegroom arrive 9 o'clock like tat lah to zip sen leong . . . But before he managed to get through the see the bride, he hav to overcome some obsticles 1st. Eat some pau and drink Kopi o (kuk far + salt + kicap), give ang pau, do the chicken little dance and squart before climbing the stair and also say I love u in few different language. .
Then we got the tea ceremony and later hav to go to the bridegroom hse at banting. Damn far lor. . . sit till my butt also wanna flower liao. hehehehe
After we send Angie to his husband hse, we went back to grandma hse. Lepak there for a while before balik rumah.
When shopping wth Jack at Sg wang. Lepak there for a while then have to rush back to hostel cause 6 pm got interview lor. damn rush . . .
Reach hostel faster faster change and managed to say hi to my new roommate. Didn't talk much lah cause in a hurry.
The interview oklor and the guyz hired me and my friendz lor. So basically we got ourselves company for trainning lah for next semester. hehehehe

Saturday, January 07, 2006

New residents

Hmm . I got new roommate liao. Don't know is good thing or bad thing anot. lolz. My friendz just inform me ny. hahaha. Mayb I go back this comin mon to hav a look lah. hahaha

No times to post liao. Will try continue tonite guao or next week lah cause later going to cousin hse for bachelor nite. hehe


Everlasting Pv ~ Boa

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Childish me

Damn sien today. Started to do my revision cause exam is around de corner. hmm . . . whenever I flip to the 1st page of the textbook, I just feel very sleepy. Don't now why . . . Mayb the book got some kind of a spell that make u fall asleep once u open it. hehehe

Damn, yesterday bout 6 somethin rain so heavily. Normally we would eat at hostel canteen but don't we all sot pin tiu gen, we decided to eat at tbr. hahahaha. 4 sohai carrying umbrella go out to eat. . . . .

After makan, stil raining tim. . . . Lazy to wait til the rain stop, so we decided to walk back. On the wayz back, know wat I did ???

I was playing wth the rain . . . Just like a kids ny. hahahaha

Splash here and there. Damn it was fun. . Just remind me bout my childhood. . I think i really don't wan to grow up . .

I wanna go to midvalley lor later. hehe. Now waiting time to fly by ny.

Mayb I should snap some pic cause too sien liao. Later will post it on9. hehehe

p/s: rip this from my xanga. damn lazy to write lor. lolz

Currently carving: Junk foodz

Currently Listening: Ayumi Hamasaki ~ Are You Wake Up

Currently doin: Daydreaming lor

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

boring wed

Hmmmm . . . . I had nitemare again. Can't remember the detail of the dream lor. . . haihz sien betul. Can't really sleep so woke up at 5 somethin. Online for awhile also nothing to do so decided to sleep back again. . . . .
Was dreaming again this time about my cousin wedding de. . . . mana terjaga because of lesly sms. I look at my watch already 7.30 tim . . . . deng I got class at 8 lor. So mah faster faster go brush teeth and prepare myself.
Well nothin much happen at class today. . . normal ny. After I finish class, I terus balik hostel. Damn sleepy. . .
My exam timetable out liao tim. Oklah the schedule kinda pack lor but at least I finish all those papers b4 Chinese New Year. Some of my hostel friendz not that lucky lor. They have to sit for the paper before and after Chinese New Year. Damn suck boyz. Who got mood wor wanna study.
Guess wat I had for breakfast and lunch ???
roti plus tuna ny. . . cham betul. WAT TO DO!!! Pokkai liao lor somemore wanna save some money cause tomorrow goin to midvalley. hehehehe. wanna makan somethin sedap. sushi perhaps . . . . . . Paling bagus if can ask my cousin to belanja. hahahaha . . evil me.
Me just dwnloaded Lee Hom new album. . . If I not mistaken he got 1 song featuring Rain and Lim jeong hee. I think the song called 完美的互动. . Some of the song not bad lah. I talking bout those slow beat musics he sing de.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


OMG!!! Look at the finger licking chocolates. . .

Close up of the chocolates. Air liur pun nak terkeluar. ::P

Cannot tahan anymore liao. I wanna eat liao lor. . . .

Yummy . . . I just had my 1st kiss. hehehe

Chocolate Delight

Well today kinda wake up early lah cause terjaga frm nitemare lor. Something to do wth me exam one. Mentah-mentah exam time is coming. . . . ish

Bout 11 when to library and do some discussion wth cp, my coursemate. Bout 12 like tat when makan at tbr wth cp, sharon and c ying.

Then 2 o clock when for cyber law lec. Half wayz during lec, I feel kinda sleepy liao. But the lecturer did entertain us lah. This the class that I think most of the students enjoy most lor cause the lecturer alwayz tell joke de. After the lec, I terus balik to hostel cause cannot tahan liao. Sleep and tired. . . dut dut dut.

By the wayz, my coursemate Jc give me a small box of chocolates for Christmas present. I kinda devour everything just now before writing this post. WAT . . . . I couldn't help myself lah cause the chocolates look very tempting lor. As if like calling me to eat them. Lolz

OMG X 100, I tell you lah the chocolates taste damn nice . . . I like the one wth mocha filling de. yummy yummy . . . . .

I smses my friends just now to ask her where she brought it de. She told me it's imported frm Australia. I think she brought it there lah when she when for Christmas holiday . . .

Damn, no wonder taste so good lah. Thanks alot lor Jc. . . hehehe

Monday, January 02, 2006


hmmmm . . . . . sien betul stil left 1 assignment stil havent pass up tim. Deng betul

Oklah, nothing much laterly, sleep and eat plus on9 lor. I think I really should get a life. lolz
Angie(Cousin sis) wedding this comin fri. It been quite a while since I meet her. All the while she and her bf were working at UK. I think the last time I saw her was at grandma hse during last Chinese New Year bah.

So this comin thrus will be goin to midvalley again wth michelle (another cousin lor) cause last sat she ffk me. We goin to choose the wedding gift for Angie. Hopefully she dont ffk me again, if not i'm gonna skin u alive. . . . . . .lolz
Currently Listening: Derrick and Sebastian - Ni Zou Le ( both of them frm project superstar de)
Top 5 songs for this week :
1. ZChen - Kuai Le
2. Vivian - Ai Xiao De Yan Jing
3. Full House OST - I Think I Do
4. Why - Un Myung
5. Lyn - Geu Deh Ji Geum

Sunday, January 01, 2006

farewell 2005

happy new years guyz.

Yesterday noon when midvalley to get a formal wear for cousin wedding. When to few shops and finally found de suitable 1 in G2000.

Cost me RM85. Oklah i guess, cause those other formal shirts from other shops also cost both RM 60 plus to RM150 plus.

After finish shopping, I when to look for lee hui and way~ne to said goodbye.

Mana tahu they all ada break so end up go eat with them at food court. hehehe. Guess wat, I got discount for the food cause way~ne and lee hui work at midvalley mah so ada staffz price. discount 50 cent ny.

After finish eat wth them, I decided to go back home cause have to sleep for awhile cause later goin countdwn wth friendz at sg wang.
5 something later, heavy rain tim. "SHIT "

Most probably the plan goin to cancel but luckily rain stop at 6 . So me decided faster faster bath and get ready. After bath liao, got set hair, those me 30 min to do my hair but still no statisfied wth it. deng. . . . . .

So more of the guyz kinda wait for me to set my hair lah. sorry guyz for keep u all waiting. .
dut dut dut

When makan at tbr 1st before go sg wang. ate two burger lor. . delicious. .

Reach sg wang at 8 something. Already half crowded liao. Mountain ppl mountain sea. . When there with hostel friendz. hahaha. buy spray play tim. wait at main street there. spray at here and there. Somemore got local and oversea artists performing tim.

Saw some old friendz there too. Sei yan Eric spray me somemore. . . . u damn luckily cause I'm out of spray if not u sure K.O.

Lepak till midnite. lolz. got fireworks to see tim. nice nice. Finish watch liao, the we all decide to go back. . . we all walk frm sg wang to KLCC. monorail sure many ppl de.

damn, my leg aching like hell somemore tired tim. . . . dut dut dut.
At KLCC, all the entrance close liao. deng . . . . have to look for the entrance to the lrt tim. walk 1 big round also cannot find de. sien ar . . . . . Finally after ask the guard liao, fianlly jumpa. LRT also got lots of ppl time.

We reach wangsamaju bout 2 am lor. hehe. Then go yam cha at TBR. Reach at hostel also bout 3 something liao. Mandi then online for awhile and sleep lor.
p/s: did u guyz know tat wearing formal shoe make yr leg damn pain de.