Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year resolution

hmm . . . . .

I don't think i got any resolution lah. hahaha. Ooh well just skip it ny. Hey, guyz
Happy New Year lor. . . .

ooh yah, if u guyz need ny promotion in my blog just drop me a message. I will see wat I can write for u all. hehehehe. engkau mau tak sotong??

friend 1

Since I don't know wat to blog nowaday. humm, I'm gonna intro some of my friendz lah. Can said is promotion lah. hahaha

Oklah, let u guess~lah, what do u get when duck mix wth chicken? (scroll down if u wanna know de answer)



  • Suka ss sendiri one. also known as ss prince....

Suka buat bodoh~ing punya budak.

Alwayz act cute eventhough there is no denial that he is cute. hahaha



Nyway, It is nice to hav a friendz like him. Hey, ducken thanks for supporting my blog lor and tell u wat u look much more better in real life then in the photo. hahahaha

Tat all for now. . . . DON'T FORGET TO PAY ME LOR

Below is de bill .

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Friday, December 30, 2005


Tired and sleepy~lor. Woke up at 7 am today cause got presentation at 8am. ish, it like draining all my life forces away tim. The nite before hav to set my 2 hp alarm tim if not sure can't wake up de. Then my group member sure jadi super saiya just like the character in dragonball and gui boh hei kung me. . . hehe
Reach there bout 8 somethin. Luckily lec haven't come yet. . . Stil got time to read a bit.
During our group punya time to present, the lec sort of ask us to fast fast present lor cause scare not enough time for other group. Luckily I the last person in my group to present. So just stand outside wth my group members waiting our turn. Just like waiting to be slaughter. . .
When my turn to present, I just try to make it briefly. Just main read ny frm the powerpoint and explain it out base on my own words without looking at the paper. hehehe. geng leh. But actually I'm very nervous 1. My whole leg is shaking liao. . .dut dut. Somemore I have to do the overall conclusion tim.
Hopefully, everything when well lah. I need those coursework mark to score in final exam de. . .
After the presentation, i terus balik keh hostel lor. Malas to attend other class liao cause too hungry, tired and sleepy. OMG . . . . . . I really need a good rest.
Now I wanna pack my stuff lor awhile later I want to go bck hometwn dy. hahaha.
Balik kampung ooo ooo balik kampung . . . . .
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Thursday, December 29, 2005


I'm gonna wear like this to my presentation tomorrow. hahaha.

Finally, I finish my assignments liao~lor. hahaha. Hey, guyz get the champagne ready . . . . .lolz

I'm in de mood for party rite now. 3 more dayz before new year. Goodbye 2005 welcome 2006.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Shit. . . . . As usual I wake up early today. Bout 8 something liao. Ish . . . Tak dapat tidur balik tim.
So I mah go on9 to dwnload Naruto to read~lor and copy others ppl songs through wireless networking. Then go bck sleep again but still can,t sleep. haihz . . . . .
Somemore very hungry tim so mah go canteen tah pao food to eat lor.
Go bungkus bihun goreng and took out RM50 to give the person de. Mana tahu when I wanna pay dat time, I can't find de RM50. I look at my wallet but tak ada pun. ish . . . . Nyway I took out my RM50 to pay the person 1st.
After paying de fella, I quickly rush to the nearby table and search fanatically my wallet but still couldn't find it. .
Sei lor. . . I started to panic liao. If really lose liao, I wanna hatuk kepala lor.
Suddenly, got this guy approached me. He pointed at the floor and asked did I drop the money on the floor. I terus look at the location. . .
I thanks de guys and go collect back de money.
After collect liao, I thanks him again cause he really save my day.

Monday, December 26, 2005


Fuk . . . I just feel like commit suicide rite now.
Those assignments are driving me nut. . . . .
Actually morning tat time stil got mood de mana tahu do until 7pm my mood suddenly down liao. It all because of the bloody assignmnet lah write until 90% gauo tim and stuck at some part. Deng. . .

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Times Square outing

So today ada appointment wth JC, wei wei and Jack at Times Square. wei wei ask me to wait at imbi monorail station at 2.30pm.

Since today is holiday, I have to go early lor bout 12.50. Mana tahu bei ngor gu ngam tim really no teksi. shit. . . . . . . No choice hav to walk to lrt tim. luckily not far de. Nyway while I was walking, I saw 2 teksi and 1 bus pass by. Damn . . . . .

Reach Lrt bout 1.13 lor then terus buy ticket to KL sentral. So more got receive sms from wei wei saiying dat I no call him wake up tim. Sei yeh ar, I actually I kinda forget liao. hehehe :P

When I reach kl sentral it already rain heavily tim. deng . . . . no choice, the monorail is across de road tim. so terpaksa merentas hujan. Fuk, my shirt n cloth all wet. Even my shoe also masuk air tim. . .

Nyway I ready Times Square bout 2. Damn early tim. Then I receive an sms for wei wei saying Jack will be late wor. So I mah go to the Bookstore to lepak there waiting for them to come. I forget waited for how long lah but then Jack call me ask me to look for him at the main gate near christmas tree there. I mah said ok lor. While I was walking to the frm de bookstore, I call wei wei ask him where is him. He said he is comin to the bookstore lor so I mah patah balik to wait him there lor.

Saw wei wei at the bookstore. Can't recognize him at 1st. Then after meet wei wei liao, we together go find Jack. Saw him there but malas go meet him cause he is talking wth his friend so we mah miss cal him lor. hahaha. Then wei wei go langgar him and we terus belah. . . . . .
Malas blog liao. wanna mandi tim. . . . :P

Sohai pic again. Taken before go out to meet them. Lolz. Ish, my mom said this pic yong sui wor. . . . zadao.

Part 2

So we mah leave Jack along wth his friendz lor and when to the bookstore again. Mana tahu Jack follow us from behind. Then after that . . . . . . . ( malas wanna talk lah, so i skip this part somemore not important de. hahaha)

Nyway, Jack said he wanna go back early wor but JC still belum sampai lagi. Me and wei wei try to call him but cannot get through. We think either his phone kena curi or he kena sin gan hao sat liao. hahaha. So we mah find a place to sit lor to wait for him. . . . Finally Jack said go sercet recipe lor. So we mah go there lor. We chat for a while and waited JC bout 1 hours plus but stil havent arrive lagi so we mah go Sg. wang cause that Jack said he wanna go buy hp wor.

When we reach Sg. wang, wei wei receive a call from JC. He said he arrive liao at Times Square wor. So terus rush back to meet him there. . .

Sohai celebrating kurimasu

Ish, yesterday tak jadi pergi bintang walk tim cause only 3 person goin so we mah cancel de plan~lor. But we end up doin a small christmas party at hostel. We when JJ and brought the foods and drinks and presents. Yes, we are exchanging gift.
The party started bout 12 o'clock lah cause before that we hav to cook de foods. Quite lots of foods we have - burger, hotdog, pudding, ais cream, snacks, rootbeer, sparkling juice, chicken. . . We eat like a pig. Damn Full man.
Guess wat I get for the exchange gift?? A facial foam. . . . lolz. This is de secound time i get facial foam. hahahaha. At least better then toothpaste, pens, cup and justea (lolz, i brought tat for the exchange gift)
Yah, cousin sis comin back today from UK. haven't see her for quite some time liao. hehe. She comin back to prepare for her up comin wedding on 6th of January.
"welcome home"
Damn, I stil haven't buy my yam Jau sam tim . . . . Mom insisted me to buy a formal 1. ish, I thought of wearing a jeans and collar t-shirt wth a blaze/ coat. hmmm. I think tat more yeng compare to formal . . :P
I think most probably will grab one when I go shopping wth Michelle (another cousin of mine) next week at mid valley.
Later will be headin to Times Square to meet JC, wei wei and Jack. hahaha.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Merry X'mas everyone.

How I wish we can have white christmas in Malaysia . . . . . .

Still planning where to go~lor tonite. But mostly will lepak at Bukit Bintang. hehehe

Estee, I know u mesti go pak tou wth yr bf~lor. enjoy lah . . . . don't sat sen lor. ping nong yer sat sen yer. hahahaha

Mel, merry x'mas~lor. Don't forget my present. Lolz

Jack, wei wei and GJC, merry X'mas lor.

To others readers, merry x'mas to u all too. . .

Hope u guyz will have a wonderful christmas lor.

Friday, December 23, 2005


Christmas Presents from my classmates. hehehe. Thanks guyz. By de wayz I'm still waiting for my belated birthday gift from someone. Till now also belum sampai tim. ish betul. hahaha.

bottle cap badges. With my horoscope on it de.

My second christmas card. lolz. This 1 can pop-up de.

Mr. Boggyman. My favourite presents lor. He got many function 1. Ooh, did I mention that he is elastic too.

Mr. Monkey. He goin to jaga all my saving. lolz. He is my money collector. Shit, today I haven't give him money lagi. . . .

Cute cute the dog. hehehe. Hey, he wanna sleep liao. Don't kacau him lor.

Lasty, chocolates from my Lecturer Miss Kik. I'm not de only one who get the chocolates, my whole classmates also got lor. hehe

I'll be back

Ish, Sien~lor later 10am got class. Can said is continuous punya 10am - 4 pm non-stop.
Nyway, I'm gonna blog a lotz of stuffs as soon as I'm come bck from class later.
But no promise ~lor mana tahu I suddenly no mood then I lazy to write liao. Till then, u all keep yr finger cross~lah and man man wait~leh. hehe..
Currently Listening: Pieces of Me ~ Ashlee Simpson
Top 10 songs that make me wanna listen again and again
1. Endless Story - Reira featuring Yuna Ito
2. Glamorous Sky - Nana
3. Ai Xiao De yan Jing - Vivian
4. Ni Bu Zai - Lee Hom
5. Ai Chor (Love Wrong) - Lee Hom
6. I Never Told U - Edison
7. Piano - Fan Yi Chen
8. Pieces of a Dream - Chemistry
9. Mei Li Ben Nu Ren - Kelly Poon
10. Hou Chai Tian Tang - Xiong Tian Ping

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Journey to Klang part 2

So after we fetch that sotong liao. Of course we headed for the slaughter house lah. hehe. Nolah we went to eat bak kut teh near Estee place. Not badlah de bak kut teh. We ate de dry and wet punya.
But I more prefer the dry bah kut teh. yummy . . . . I also jadi waiter for 1 day tim. kesian betul. have to refill de water for our pot of tea cause the kettle is quite far away frm our table. They all keep on calling me "xiu yi " ish betul mereka. . .
The whole meal cost us about RM40 something.
"Thanx Estee for mai dan lor". hehehe.
Later we when Estee house to chit chat. Long time no meet liao of course got many thing to 38 lah. hehe.
And they force me to disclose me and x punya story. ish. . . . ish. . . .
We lepak at Estee hse for 2 hours like tat before departed. Lesly got to go work and Hui Peng hav to go shopping. As for me I'm so freaking tired. All I need is a good sleep.

Monday, December 19, 2005

BZ weekend


Teman Lesly go to petaling street cause he wanted to buyz christmas gifts.

Then we headed to KLCC pulak to continue his shopping plan. Damn, this is de 3rd times this month I went to KLCC. =.=''

nyway, sempat balik his hse to watch project superstar. hehehe.


woke up bout 8 somethin cause today gonna cari estee makan bak kut teh. Bloody tired.

Wait lesly to fetch me at 10 something. Then headed to Ampang to fetch Hui Peng.

Fetch liao Hui Peng then we straight away go Klang find the estee. Nyway we nearly accident tim cause when goin out frm Hui peng but luckily managed break in times. Ho choi. . . . .

Pass Hui Peng and Lesly their Christmas present. I know. . . I know. . . still belum Christmas but I couldn't help it. hehehe.

Reach Klang at 11 something. Sesat for few times while trying to look for Estee hse. Ish betul.

When we stop at the traffic light there . . . .

Lesly: Look, those guyz are looking at us.

Me: why?

Lesly: animals in de car. ( refering to us. . . It an animal reunion. Me de monkey, lesly de zhu, Hui Peng aka Ah po the chicken and estee the sotong. hahaha.)

Me: =.="

Finally after belok here and there, we managed to find estee hse. When we reach tat time she already standing outside de hse liao. hahaha

to be continue . . . . I wanna sleep liao :P

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Manna - Christmas nite

Ish, have to retype this post again cause there somethin wrong with the layout.


The ticket, the glowstick and the free keychain

Venue: college canteen 1
Time: 7pm

When to Manna wth wei siong, simon and li ann. Actually I'm also not keen to go de but wei siong told me that there will be some live band performing there so I mah agree to go~lor.
The entry ticket cost us RM5 buck. I think it quite worth it because u get to watch two live band performing and there is also refreshment for us to eat tim. It like killing two birds with one stone. lolz
The opening act by the emcees was quite funny though their acting is suck. They were doing hindustan dancing.
Then we had some treasure hunt. - boring . . .
Next stop is the performance by de 1st band called unabashed. If I'm not mistaken, it our college own band. Ooh , yah I saw Andrew from Malaysian Idol at the party. He is one of the member from unabashed. Never know that he got his own band de. . . =.="
Overall their performance is enjoyable.
Next, altered frequency took the stage. I think those guyz are from Klang. Not bad lah the guyz. Quite good their performance. They even have their own album tim. wow that cool.
Those song that both bands perform are mostly worshipping god. Yah, u can said that they are christian rock band.
Lucky draw time, too bad~lor we tak kena also. ish betul. We all kinda blame wei siong lah cause the ticket he brought for us started form 009, 010, 011, 012. This kinda of number how to kena wor. . . . . . hahaha.
The party ended at 10 something. So we go yam cha at TBR mamak 1st before heading back hostel.
Currently listening: Endless Story - Reire featuring Yuna Ito.
Been listening to this song bout 20 times liao. haha. nice nice song. The singer damn pretty too. I think I falling for her liao. lolz
p/s: In between there stil some other event such as dancing and drama but nothin interesting bout that so I'm lazy wanna talk about it. . .

Friday, December 16, 2005

Jalan x2 again

Yesterday when Sg Wang. . . spends bout RM70 Plus. Brought myself a cap, pensil case and some magazine to read.

Cap was damn yeng boyz. Plus the price is reasonable too. Like it very much. hahahaha. Look like my caps collection is expanding~lor.

As for the pensil case, my roommate lost mine so mah terpaksa beli again. If not very mah fan~lah. Don't know where to store my stuffz. When back to the same shop to buy back the same pensil case but couldn't found it so I mah sui bian buy. Cost me bout RM 12.90 for tat. It the cheapest pensil case liao among the rest of those available. But for me it stil expensive~lor. . . Hopefully I dont lost it again. . If not I sure sakit hati.

Program for this week

Attending Tarc CF Christmas nite at our college canteen.

Going to Lesly house to watch Project Superstar cause Hostel tak ada tv ~ lor.

Going to meet up wth my ex coursemate to makan bah kut teh at Klang.

Currently own: 4 caps

Currently listening: Naturally Ours ~ Chemistry

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wednesday, December 14, 2005



Hardly had any good nite sleep this dayz. Must be those assignments.

It's killing me. . .

Superstars audition - 2 more dayz.

11 dayz more before christmas. . . . I'm still waiting for my presents. :P

Still struggling: finishing the statistic tutorial

Currently listening: Stars, moon and sun ~ Twins

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

tired + sleepy = tiepy

Damn tired now. . . Yesterday sleep at 6 am lor. Sedang ulangkaji de. . . . rajin leh.

Oklah reading is just yim sek actually was chatting and downloading naruto to read. geng ~ leh. ::P

Currently reading: Naruto chapter 286, 287 n Cyber Law textbook (Later got midterm ~lor so terpaksa read)

Currently listening: Lee Hom ~ Love wrong

Saturday, December 10, 2005

What snowmen do during the off season.

Anyone stil wan ice-cream . . . . . . . . . . . . :P

Project Superstar countdown

This comin fri is the Project Superstar audition. Guess wat Lesly and me already register liao.

I wasn't keen on participate de but that Lesly just need somebody to accompany him so I was like being a bloody big mouth and agree wth him. Cham. . . . . . . Now regret also no use ~lor.

I'm very nervous lor. . . . . Hopefully he decided not to go for the audition lor on Fri then we can save frm being embrassing ourselves. hehehe

or else Estee, u better reload yr phone cause u have to vote for Lesly and me lor. Lolz

5 more dayz to go . . . . . . . .

And damn so many assignment to do tim. . . .

Shopping = tired

When to KLCC this evening with lesly to buy christmas gifts. Looking and searching but still can't managed to buy anythin. Damn it. . . .
Mayb we should go Midvalley instead . . . .
As usual, Lesly didn't brought nything. hehe. He wanted to buy New year clothes de but too bad those shirt doesn't suit him. So he end up not buying nything.
As for me, I just brought some gift boxes cause I'm so freaking lazy to wrap those presents. ::P
After like 2 hours wondering around KLCC, we decided to buzz off. Lesly when back setapak and I took lrt to pasar seni.
Drop by Popular to get my sis her birthday present. Guess wat me and my bro brought for her . . . .
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Then headed to those gift shops around Petaling Street to continue my unfinish work. After like 45 min searching and comparing those items that available in the shops, I managed to get 50% of my shopping done.
Wanted to continue de but too bad I'm fucking tired rite now. . Besides, it almost 8 tim. Gosh, I have to get goin.
Sigh, mayb i should continue my shoppin some other dayz.
Tomorrow will be goin to uncle place for BBQ.
Sun pulak will be goin to Nirvana to bai ah gong.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Rain lookalike

Bloody no mood today. . . Must be that damn testimonial i receive frm friendster. Malas wan to layan so wu liao punya person tat send me the testi.

High school student wannabe. . . . :P

Damn, I miss my high school dayz.

Was chattin wth one of my net friend and she said I look like Rain wor.

Hell no . . . . . . He is wayz better looking then me. I'm just an ugly guyz. haha.

Nyway thanks for de compliment.

I'm bloody exhausted

Yesterday was fun.

Me and Lesly straight away when to time square to shop after class.

As for lunch + dinner, we just ate chicken buffet. Cost us RM16 plus perperson. Food is ok ok ny. the only food tat can't stil consider good is de salad and de roasted chicken. I ate two plate already full. As for Lesly, he ate 3 plate. Damn, full until my stomach gonna burst.

Actually both of us wanna buy new cloths de but end up I'm de only person who did all de buying. Brought 1 bermuda cargo pant + 2 t-shirts for RM 144 plus. I think kinda worth it~lah. hahaha.

I just simply love shoppin.

Then we shop for christmas gifts. Damn, there so many person in my list. I'm gonna pok kai soon . . so cham. Wish tat money can fall from de sky. lolz.
When I wanted to pay for the stuffz , funny thing happened. I actually handed the cashier a RM5 without realising that the stuffz cost RM13. The galz was kinda stunned. I quickly apologized and handed her the correct amount. Very pai seh betul.

There isn't any nice place to shop at Time Square. Memory Lane also don't hav. dut betul. Since there nothin esle to shop at Times Squares, we decided to go Sg. Wang. But it raining outside. Deng, no choice dy so mah go back lor.

Few hours later, me and hui peng went yam cha with lesly at his working place, Wow Wow Cafe. Actually plan go there yam cha de but end up drink tea and beer sekali. hehe

Reach hostel bout 1 somethin. Damn exhausted liao but stil can't sleep cause stil got many unfinish homework to do.

FUCK. . . I did my work till 6 a.m. Bloody damn tired and sleepy. Guess that the price I have to pay for enjoyin myself too much until I neglected my works.

p/s: I rip this from my xanga cause I'm too lazy to write the same thing twice :P

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Random Pic

Sohai me. . . .

Damn, wat should I wear for class later???

Yup, I'm looking at u . . . . hehe

Friday, December 02, 2005


Damn it . . . .

when I'm typing this post, my chest started to hurt again. Must be the stress from the assignments and midterm bah. Those assignments really damn hard. I don't know how to start lor. :(
Fuk, tomorrow is my statistic midterm and I still haven't prepare yet. I really got no mood to start. Bloody hell. How am I suppose to start my revision when some of the important note which I accidentally left at hometown.
I feel like quitting my study and start working. hmmm .............................