Monday, October 31, 2005

Cool T-shirt

Was reading Lime Oct edition when saw this page.

Walao nice t-shirt. :)

I'm so lovin it especially the maroon and the grey one. I'm gonna get my hand on those t-shirts. hehehe.

But wait a minutes, I think it only available in Singapore. Sigh!!!

p/s: Topsman got all those fabulous t-shirts. It worth checking out.

Happy Halloween

~ Happy Halloween folks~

trick or treat . . . . .

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Nightmare in hostel

This past few weeks, hostel been infested with those pesky winged ants. It normally happen around this month especially after rainy day.

It like zillion of them flying around the hostel. Way~ne told me tat those ants actually looking for partner to mate. And after they mate, those male will die. Poor guyz....

Guess where thoses pesky ants like to mate??


FUK !!! Why they have to choose toilet as their fucking place wor????

Where am I supposed to go wor when I wanna pee. . . . . Deng !!!

Friday, October 28, 2005


Happy Anneversary Lee Hui and Way~ne.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

sleepless nite

Fuk !! I had nightmare yesterday. . . . Woke up 5 something in the morning then online for a while before going back to sleep.

Today have to wake up early cause already make appointment with Lee Hui punya friendz. She going to do tarot reading on us (me and li ann aka lena). Yippy!!!! Tell u guyz de result later. . .

Now I'm stil waiting for them to come.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

About me

Part time student ~ I study when it is necessary. Eg when exam

Part time online gamer ~ Haha. was a full timer until they restart the whole game. I have to start frm level 1 again.

Part time clubber ~ Go when ada kaki or when got money

Part time horror movie fanz ~ Scary but enjoying.

Full time friendstering, hi5ing and blogging freak ~ just add me will' ya

Full time night owl ~ I sleep very very late

Music are soulmate ~ They are my best buddy. They give the best advise.

Magazine is a must ~ Cant live without them

Cakes are delicious ~ I'm lovin' it

Online good for health ~ Hehehe.. I mean it true wat. U get to excersice your hand when typing the words. hehe

Comic are a must ~ If only they publish it everyday. hehe

Lazy me

I hate 7-9pm class. It's so fucking late . . . . God dammit.

It raining now. . . hehehe. A good excuse for me to skip class. Nyway if not rain also I'm not going also. :P

Rainny dayz plz don't go away. . . . . .

Oklah me wanna makan dy. Ah pei they all got tah pao for me liao. Till then happy eating lah. Me blog again later.

Monday, October 24, 2005


Dear reader,

This few dayz I'm not goin to upload any new posts cause I'm not in the mood rite now. . . . . .

Friday, October 21, 2005


This is my 3rd times watching FF7 Advent Children. I'm so lovin' tat show.

Currently watching: Rain mv ~ I do ( I just love his move)

Currently downloading: Rain ~ I love You

I'm back

Fuk . . . yesterday can't online cause de Internet down. :(
Nothing much happening yesterday cause can't online mah so mah find friendz chor di, buy some magazine to read and listening to new song that I copy frm wei siong comp. Talking about wei siong comp, I almost make his comp hang~lor for opening his ham dai. Cause he said he delete all mah. But when i go copy the song from his comp i found 1 folder containing those porno. So i mah open and see lor. Mana tahu the computer keep on restart.
Wei siong:deng, what should I tell computer guyz huh!!! watching too much ham dai until the computer hang.... chi bi~or (he alwayz like to use this word)
We were laughing like hell.... Oklah sorry~lor wei siong. Next time won't open yr ham dai again. hahaha.
Luckily wei siong know how to fix it. If not I'm sure dead meat. hehehehe.
Moral of story: Don't open ham dai at your's friendz room. Open at your own room. hehehe
Those song i copy from wei siong comp are from the contestants from a Singapore reality program called Project Superstar. (something like Malaysian Idol like tat but chinese version) Those singer are damn good~lor. Thumbs up.
Oklah, got to stop here if not I'll be late for class.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Me vs Chicken Little

I got so many nicknames~lor. From saru to now the latest craze Chicken Little. Lesly label me as Chicken Little because he said whenever he saw Chicken Little it will reminded him of me.

WTF...... how come???? I demand and answer rite now!!

Then he mah listed out some reasons why the chicken and me are similiar......

Reason given by him:

1. Because he wear short and I also wear short. (Apa punya theory is this????)

2. He said that the green shirt the chicken is wearing similar with my green shirt. ( Hey, I don't think i got the green shirt same as the chicken. My green shirt don't have line one)

3. the wayz we dance are so similiar. (I know I'm not a pro dancer.... I have no professional training de u know. lolz)

4. I'm as cute as Chicken Little....... (Oklah this one is I tambah myself de. hehehe)

Guyz wat u all think...... Do I really look like chicken Little???

The hostel connection is so fuking piss me off. Keep on disconnected. . . . Walao er!!! we pay RM70 and we receive this kind of services. :(

I'm so missing my streamyx at home....

Monday, October 17, 2005

Birthday again!!!

Tired and sleepy. Goin to blog tomorrow~lor.

"Happy Birthday Pei"

U will surely gonna enjoy this party. . . . hahaha

Friday, October 14, 2005


I skip 2 lectures today. Kinda lazy to attend..... Tired I guess. :(

Saw the cap??? Is the billabong cap I mention in previous post. Nice~leh......

As for the matching pink shirt, It a birthday gift from lesly and de gang~lor. I'm really lovin' it.

As for this pic, this doggie photo frame also a birthday present. It's from Sin Sze. Cute blue polka dot doggie. hehe....

Thanks guyz for those presents.

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FF7: Advent Children

When Low Yatt today. Bought the FF7 Advent Children DVD. What to do, you can't watch it in cinema so have to buy DVD~lor. That DVD cost me bout RM15. I think worth it ~lah since I'm a big fanz of final fantasy. I even play their games. Well, Advent Children continue the story where the game stop. Featuring all those characters in FF7. Vincent, Sephiroth, Yuffie, Barret, Aries, Cloud, RED XIII, Cid and Cait Sith. Too bad the movie didn't feature any chocobo. I wan Chocobo.........

Walao!! The whole graphic is so damn nice. Those human and the building look so real. I'm so in love with Tifa right now. Her fighting skill is damn impressive.(By de wayz, she also had this big boobs too) Lolz.
I just love cloud hair. (Planning to comb my hair just to look like him tomorrow) hehe.

The duration of the movie bout 90 mins.

Overall rating: 9/10
Yah, brought myself another cap at Times Square. Hehehe. It's from billabong. Cost me RM10 (I think it not original de if not why so cheap). But who cares as long as it look nice on me then can dy~lah.

Saw Andy Lau and Ah Sa (Twins) at Times Square today. They were promoting their new movie. Forget wat the tittle of the movie. Ah Sa is so pretty~lor. She look much more better in person. As for Andy Lau, I'm not a fanz of his so malas wan to comment. hahaha. Sorry~lor Mel sedang kutuk yr idol.

Currently listening: Tackey and Tsubasa - Sotsugyou ~ Sayonara wa Ashita no Tameni

Currently watching: FF7 Advent Children

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hair cut anyone???

IMP (the salon that I alwayz go to cut my hair) is having promotion next month.

RM 60 ++ for cut and dye.

Walao!!! wayz damn affordable~lor. I'm so gonna get my butt there. Hehe. At first, I wanted to DIMD (dye it myself de) but since IMP is having this promotion, I rather have a professional to do it for me.hehe....

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Forever Love

Found this pebble that shape like a heart.
(I'm going to give it to my other half)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Once upon a frog

A gift frm Ah Pei for my birthday. He said if I kiss the frog 365 times it will become a beautiful princess.

Still hesitating. . . . .

But after much consideration, I decided to give it a try~lor. No harm right. Damn!!! have to kiss the frog 365 times in order for her to become a real human.

First kiss ~ muackss, nothing happen

second kiss ~ still nothing happen

third kiss ~ still the same, guess I really have to kiss it 365 times







100 times liao ~ mulut also bengkak liao



200 times ~ semakin bengkak. Until friendz also can't regconize. Wanted to give up liao but since already kiss until 200 liao mind as well keep on kissing. muackss



365 times ~ suddenly smoke started to appear and the frog really morph into beatiful galz.

Walao!!! really become a beautiful princess~lor and of course both of us live happily ever after. Fairy tale mah where got sad ending de. hehe

*the end*

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Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my birthday...... Thanks guyz for the testimonials, messages and smses. Really appreciated it.

Noon bout 2 pm like that~lah
Firstly, I would like to thanks Hui Peng for belanja me makan mc d~lor. Eat until very full.

Bout 9.00 something
Secondly I wanna thanks my hostel friendz Ah Pei, Sin Sze, Sin Rey, Ah Choong, Jian Hao, Wayne a.k.a Winnie and his gf Lee Hui for the surprise birthday party. I was like totally unexpected. Cause that time when I came back from mandi suddenly I saw Jian Hao punya selipar outside my room and my door was locked. At that point I still didn't suspect anything. (So stupid) I knocked few times and the door open. Those guyz started singing birthday song. Boyz am I surprise or wat!!! Thanks guyz.... Forget to mention that Ah pei brought me a toy. It a green frog that produce a squeeking noise when squeeze . Going to post it in my next entry.

Cake: Cappuccino with my name on it. Eat two slice ny cause very full.

Spoiler: no wonder when i go makan at the time with them, they ask me how old~leh? And I didn't even notice their masterplan.

(Actually they wanted to see how many candle to put lor.)

Bout 10 something
When out again. Another Birthday celebration wth my coursemate Lesly, Wen Ping, Gary, Sharron, CP, C Ying. Thanks guyz for celebrating my birthday. We when celebrate at this stall at Sentul. (forget wat name lah) Nice environment. Just like those Malay Kampung punya feel.

Cake: Walao er..... The same cake as just now de. Some more write Happy Birthday 可爱的 andrew. Lolz.... OMG!!! This time have to eat 1/4 of the cake.
Super duber full~lor. (are those guyz telepactically link together?? how come buy the same cake de.....)

Next round was the games session. We played some card game and the loser have to eat the banana. (those guyz are insane, they brought 3 comb of bananas. First they wanted to ask me eat 1 comb de but end up decided to use it for the game. Boyz, am I glad to heard that. Hey, come on~lah I'm not a monkey) End up, I had to eat 5 bananas only. Cp is the banana queen. Lolz..... She had to bring home 10 bananas. hahaha. Hey guess wat??? They brought me a pink shirt. Wow!!!




Like it very much. Gonna wear it to class today. hehe Thanks guyz.

Later on, went yam cha at Steven Corner. I didnt eat or drink~lor cause I'm too full liao.

Reach hostel bout 3 something in the morning.

This is the most memorable Birthday I ever had. Thanks guyz.....

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Silly Me

Today Mom said wanna belanja makan KFC wor cause my birthday. So we when there bout 12 o'clock to Alam Sentral. In the car mom gave me RM 50 lor as birthday gift and warned me not to buy unecessary stuffz. As for dad, He already give me RM100 yesterday while giving me my weekly allowance. I just love birthday.... got extra income. hehehe. Thanks mom and dad.
Since my bithday is coming, I decided to top up RM50 for my hp. Then I will get another RM25 extra for my birthday bonus. So I when to this handphone shop in Alam Sentral. I look around a saw two chinese guyz in the counter. So I told de guyz which was at the counter in cantonese that I wanted RM50 reload card.
Me: Ling yat lok 50 yau mou?
The guyz: mou
(Damn wat hp shop is this Digi RM50 also don't have.)
Oklah i went to another hp shop which was next to the shop and got my reload card there.
Then my sis ask me why I walk away from the first shop.
Sis: Why u didn't buy from the first shop wor
Me: They didn't sell~lah
Sis: I think the guyz don't understand u~lah cause he a malay. How he know wat is ling yat lok wor!! When he wanna ask you mahu apa that time, you already walk away liao.( was laughing at tat time.)
So paiseh
Maybe my mistake~lor for assuming that the guy is a chinese. But he really do look like chinese and I swear I did hear him replying me mou.

Currently watching: Ayumi Mv ~Inspire (damn nice lor de mv. I like the color and her butterfly tatoo is wayz damn cool)

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Friday, October 07, 2005


Yup. I'm damn Happy today.

Don't know why~lor.

Happy for no particular reason. hehehe :P

Currently listening: Ayumi Hamasaki ~ Will

Currently reading: Tiuniasing punya blog. He is wayz damn cool.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

wake me up

Yah, wake me up will ya. class starting soon and I'm still in holiday mood rite now...

GOSH, I'm so freaking lazy..... :p This 2 weeks holiday just sit at home on9, sleep and eat only. If not also lepaking at hostel goyang kaki, chor di and yam cha wth friendz.


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Currently Reading: Naruto chapter 278 (finally available. waited for it bout 1 week liao)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'm In love

I finally found my new target liao. hehehe.

U wan to know who???


Here goes.........


lolz. Starting from today, I'm gonna start collecting caps lor. hehehe.

currently own: 2

currently listening: Yu Hen~We are still friendz (依然是朋友)

currently sucking: lollipop (damn nice lor. strawberry flavor)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Unlucky Me

Fuk!!! I lose in chor di again. This is my 2nd time liao.... Have to belanja Vui Vui and Ah choong mamak. Damn unlucky boyz.

Where is my lady luck???

When mamak after the chor di session. Was eating half wayz and suddenly there a loud bang. I thought someone just knock the table but I was wrong.
Actually a fruit from the tree above us just felt. (Ceh, I though some stone or rock just fall from the sky mana tahu is just a fruit) The fruit look kinda like a kiwi fruit except that the isi is not green color~lah of course. It's milky white. Luckily Vui Vui and Ah Choong didn't kena. The fruit must have miss them by an inches. If not I think they will be at the hospital by now. Lolz
Some of the stain for the fruit smeared on the table. We can see some tiny maggots crawling around. Damn gross!!! Want to vomit~lor. Those tiny maggots can jump too. Ah Choong didn't even finish his roti cause he said no mood already after seeing those creatures. He then proceed to his friend table. As for the rest of us, we decided to move to another table. We just ate the remaining foods as fast as we can and get ours asses out asap.

Wonder if any those maggots did ever landed on anyone of us....... Hopefully don't have~lah. (was checking hysterically around to see whether any maggots did landed on my body)
It just give me goosesbump whenever I think about those pesky maggots. errr!!!!
By the way, tomorrow is wei siong (king of noob), Sze Hui (his wife) and Joyce birthday~lor. So
Happy Birthday to you guyz~lah.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

presents dilemma

So many pplz birthday this month. errr!!!! I gonna declare bankruptcy soon. I still owe Ah Mel her birthday present. Hopefully she forget lah. Lolz

Speaking of present, do you guyz have any dilemma when buying presents???

Well I have. Especially buying presents for guyz friends. Damn, it the most troublesome things to do. I mean u have to squeeze out all your brain punya juice in order to come out with the gift. Well I personally think buying a gift for a galz is much more easier. Just wrap them a teddy bear and they will gladly accept it. But for guyz, it a different case. They gonna kick your asses if u give them teddy bear. Worst still the teddy bear will end up in the cupboard or some other nasty places such as dustbin or toilet bowl.

So guyz next time when your birthday is approaching just do a wish list. List down the presents that you which to get and post it in your website, blog, friendster or etc so that your friends can see it. The wish list can act as guideline for them when buying a gift for u and also as a reminder for those who forget your birthday . It like killing two birds with one stone...

As for my birthday , just give me tat damn teddy bear. 10q :P

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I'm Lovin' It

A pic of me drinking in the class. No, I'm not going to share with you guyz. So don't ask me to share.... :P

This is my 3rd blog. Previously blog in friendster and Xanga. Well I'm still an active blogger in Xanga. So check it out.

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Lyrics worth sharing:

by JJ Lin Jin Jue 林俊杰

Album: 编号89757

Title: 突然累了 (Tu Ran Lei le)

















(p/s: I love listening to this song over and over again)